Transgenics. In this way we defend mother earth?

Transgenics. In this way we defend mother earth?

In order to guarantee food for the people, it is intended to legalize the use of transgenic seeds that end food security and sovereignty and not hunger since it displaces the crops destined to feed the people.

Bolivians must question: do we want transgenic foods? Of what quality? And under what risks?

In mid-October, the law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well was promulgated, a controversial law for all because it has been drawn up without the participation of the people as denounced by different social sectors, it is enough to see that the central objective is not the mother Land but "Integral Development" understood as a purely economic growth; reproducing the extractivist, capitalist model and taking Mother Earth as a simple discourse, although calling her Mother leads to affirming that she is a subject of dignity and bearer of rights. This dimension has not been understood because a mother cannot be exploited economically and a clear example is the setback in this attempt to incorporate the use of transgenic seeds into the law.

The legalization of transgenic seeds would imply a form of private capitalism with terrible negative impacts:

-In the social sphere, they enrich the large agribusiness transnationals and large landowners entrepreneurs with technological packages; peasants, small producers, towns and producing communities will continue to lose ownership of seeds, paying patents to transnational companies such as Monsanto.

- Environmentally, the introduction of transgenic seeds threatens biodiversity, agrochemicals pollute the water and the land, destroying it.

- GMOs are part of an agro-export model that involves large-scale monocultures that destroy forests that are a source of biodiversity and habitat for indigenous peoples.

- The health risks are demonstrated with various studies, the most shocking is the one recently presented by French researchers Gilles-Eric and Séralini in which it is shown that rats that consumed transgenic corn in a greater and lesser proportion have developed cancerous tumors, severe damage in kidneys, liver necrosis and reduction of life expectancy. Do we want this to happen with people as well?

Food sovereignty and security is a strategic objective and an obligation of the State to guarantee that individuals, communities, peoples and nationalities achieve self-sufficiency in healthy and culturally appropriate food on a permanent basis and this will not be achieved with transgenics.

We are convinced that it is necessary to make changes in the law of Mother Earth but changes of objective, vision and not setbacks in the protection of food security and sovereignty, we ensure the quality of Life and not for the profit of private individuals and transnational companies.