Navigating This Site

The Structure
By Bruce Craig, Webmaster

I'm told it is bad form to design a web page with more than three layers. I'm also told it is bad form to design a site using frames pages. Because of the amount of information and the "structure" of that information, I could not find a way that made sense to me to present the data in a three-layer design. However, by using a frames-page scheme, I was able to keep "four layers" visible at one time.

The Short Description
First, click on an item in the "dark" band at the top with a "1" in it to choose a category;
Second, click on an item in the "lighter" band at the top with a "2" in it to choose a subcategory;
Third, click on an item in the menu at left side of screen to choose a specific "main" page to view;
Most "Main" pages have small graphics so they will load faster;
Some "Main" pages have links to other "detail" pages with large graphics, or to other web sites

The Long Description
This site is designed in four main-layers, with two sub-layers.
The First-Level Menu does not change.
The First-Level Menu displays at the top of the page (dark band with "1" in it).
The First-Level Menu shows the main categories of pages.
The Second-Level Menus show the subcategories.
Each First-Level Menu item displays its own
Second-Level Menu under the First-Level Menu (the lighter band with "2" in it).
The Third-Level Menus point to pages in a subcategory.
Each Second-Level Menu item displays its own
Third-Level Menu (at the left side of the screen under the F84 banner).
The Fourth-Level pages are the "main" informational pages.
Each Third-Level Menu item displays its own "main" pages.
Some Fourth-Level pages have Fifth-Level sub-pages attached.
Some Fifth-Level sub-pages have Sixth-Level sub-pages attached.
The Fifth-Level and Sixth-Level sub-pages are always specific
to the Fourth-Level pages, to provide details or comparisions.

Most graphics on Fourth-Level pages are "small" so the pages will load in a reasonable amount of time. Each graphic has a page attached with a "large" version of the graphic, so you can selectively view large versions as you see fit. Some of these "large version" pages -- primarily the pages about models -- have several "large" photos on the page which are not shown in "small" form on the host page. Occasionally, the large graphic is on the Fourth-Level page because there are only one or two pertinent photos.
Links are provided to other pages where I considered them "mission critical.", otherwise, you may go to a category on the First-Level Menu, or go back using items on the Second-Level Menu or Third-Level Menu as displayed, or by using your browser's "back" button.
Links are provided to other sites with F-84 related information. These links spawn a new browser to enable you to more easily come back to this site.

Copyright Bruce Craig -- All Rights Reserved