Superfluous water

Superfluous water

By Feliciano Pla-Xiberta

The water must be LOCAL and it must suffice, just like the food that is produced on the same soil. In receiving water from afar and in sending polluted water, even further from the point of consumption, is the "Mother of All Errors". Ethics must be above all, because ... "A world without ethics is an ungovernable world, and without a future"

After the "Ethical water" -The one that does not harm or harm everything it touches- and the "Essential water" -Essential to live satisfactorily- I define the "Superfluous water" as the one that swallows the drain without rendering any service .

1. Liters per person per day: 22 and NO 122

It is being insisted that, in Barcelona, ​​there will soon be a shortage of water; that they must bring it from the polluted Rhone River in another country –more than 600 km away-, from a desolate Almería –more than 700 km away-, from…, and meanwhile the ecoResponsible person is punished who spends only what is essential and who only allows you to lose a drop of water, after it has provided various services.

It has been said with great fanfare that, in Barcelona, ​​the average consumption of domestic water is 122 liters / inhabitant / day. I, who have been doing experiences of reducing domestic consumption for more than 10 years, consume an average of 22 liters / day without depriving myself of anything - at least, every day, ... I drink 2 liters of water, take a shower - 60 seconds- I keep the house clean, I wash dishes, clothes,… in short, I do everything a local "profligate" can do; without saving ANYTHING, but also without losing ANYTHING, not ONE DROP. This means a maximum consumption of 2 cubic meters / quarter, according to the supplier's invoices. But the minimum in the municipality is 18 cubic meters, for which I pay taxes and the 16 that I save ARE A PUNISHMENT for NOT consuming them. I also pay the FIXED minimum fee, for ZERO LITERS of consumption; so high, which is another penalty for saving.

2. Save Water For whom?

Thus, anyone, not ecoConscious, like me, will say, as I said years ago in the newspapers: SAVE WATER For whom? That letter to the director of the newspaper LA VANGUARDIA of Barcelona-Spain, was published, but was never commented on by anyone, that is known. "One thinks it was commented on in other letters, which were never published."

The only letter that I could read was a 2-page letter that I received at my own home, from the supply company under the MONOPOLY regime. The letter ended by saying "be more charitable" to the company. "

I replied to the letter through the aforementioned newspaper, but it NEVER published it. I simply made public - as I do here now - what the company had told me "privately".

I have sent other letters to the newspaper, which have not been published to me, so I suppose I am on the black list, of "beta" forever.

3. Our water mine

In the “superfluous water” is the most accessible water mine that exists; a mine in the same mouth of the tap; and not 6 or 700 km from it. The “iRResponsible” consumer is a producer of “superfluous water”. It is not the first; before there are others: The transporter, which is losing water in the brought –it is shameful is the case of 216 THOUSAND liters of water that are lost every day in a single point –in Badalona, ​​for several years- in a drinking water pipe from more than 100 km away, according to some newspapers of 02.28.2008; the retail supplier, who loses water in distribution; those that store potable water on the surface, allowing it to evaporate; who waters whatever it is, mistaking moistening the soil with flooding, even the neighbor; and many other cases.

4. Avoidance is the first law of ecoConscious consumption

Avoiding the production of “superfluous water” is the first law of drinking water consumption.

Nobody talks about how to avoid that in homes, workplaces and public services. Nobody talks about the “foot control” stopcock or the “bisex urinal.” I talk about it everywhere, and people listen to me like an alien.

The "Pedal control”Heeds a principle that says:“ If you have both hands occupied, use your feet ”. It's nothing I just made up now. There are factories that were already producing it, when there was no talk of water scarcity, sustainability, climate change, Agenda 21, and many other ideas - already distorted by merchants and companions.

I have never understood why in public toilets timed pushbuttons are placed on the taps, and the water comes out of them in such quantity and pressure that can be set to save, it turns out that it consumes 20 times more than before with a threaded tap.

If you want to avoid consuming one more drop than those that come out of the tap to fulfill a specific objective, you must have a control in the foot. One wonders: Have they gone to the moon and are unable to solve this?

The "Bisex urinal" remember another embarrassing case, I think. I have never understood why women have to consume 24 to 3 liters of drinking water per urinal service, while men may need less than a quarter of a liter in any urinal. I have commented on this to many women, who say, they had not thought about it before: This consumption is one more "hidden" right of women. One - one more lady, at least a few days each month - has this need more than 8 times a day; multiply 8 by 24, and you will know the amount of "superfluous water" produced by the ladies -192 liters for this service is much more than the 122 for all services, to which I referred before-.

Nor have I ever understood why there are urinal cups in public places and not in homes; nor why the discharges of public toilet bowls are usually the largest that there are 24 liters. This should be thought about.

These two mills can avoid 80% of domestic consumption and 95% of consumption elsewhere. There is a lot of utilitarian drinking water available, already located at the point of consumption, which is lost without any benefit: "Superfluous water".

5. The Mother of All Errors

Those who speak or write about water and its consumption, "PLEASE" do more of what I call "superfluous water" and less of the water that they want to impose on us brought from the extra-radio. The water must be LOCAL –Local means, from the ground we walk on- and it should be enough, just like the food that is produced on the ground itself-. Ethics must be above all, because ... "A world without ethics is an ungovernable world, and without a future"

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* Feliciano Pla-Xiberta, by Univerd. 1983

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