Glyphosate in the crosshairs. Doctor, shout it louder!

Glyphosate in the crosshairs. Doctor, shout it louder!

By Graciela Gómez

A few months ago the pediatrician Dr. Una visited the warnings that different professionals and the media, national and international, made about the use of glyphosate in the herbicides produced by the Monsanto company.

A few months ago, the pediatrician Dr. Rodolfo Páramo alerted us about agrochemicals and cancer in Malabrigo, a town in the south of the General Obligado department in the province of Santa Fe, where in less than a year 12 boys were born with malformations.

“This is due to the abuse of certain agrochemicals, by Monsanto's lying propaganda, which is the one that created glyphosate with the Round Up denomination. Since it entered Argentina, it was always said that it was slightly toxic, that it did not cause damage to health of human beings. It so happens that in Malabrigo, 10 years to this part, we are having an incidence of cancers of different varieties. The population must press for their rights and for those who have to exercise control in Malabrigo ”. (Tri-weekly of Reconquista. Edition 4. 03/13/07)

In Córdoba, some 500 residents of the Ituzaingó neighborhood are convicted of spraying the herbicide glyphosate. Cases of cancer, leukemia and congenital malformations have increased since the neighborhood was fenced off with soy-planted fields on which poison is sprayed from airplanes. "Less than a month ago, the doctor Edgardo Schinden released an independent study stating that our neighborhood It cannot be inhabited. The government of Córdoba does not recognize it and offers to pave the streets and install a health post, instead of eliminating the source of the contamination, "protested a mother of the many children who live there. (

Two or three Santa Fe newspapers published the story. In Buenos Aires, despite having it because I sent it to various media, as it is outside the limits of Avenida General Paz they did not give it importance. They forget that the experimental station is located in Camet and Pergamino. However, in Uruguay we made the news. How ironic! We fight for wastebaskets, biodiversity, ecology, when we have a latent monster much closer. I would like to see the measures taken by our Ministry of Health in the face of such alert. Surely, Dr. Silvia Simoncini and Dr. Guillermo Kerz are still evaluating which health area the locality belongs to, Zone II or Zone III? or if there is a lack of funds, as they answer every time we ask for help for a child in the province who must be treated in Garrahan, resolving quickly and looking the other way.

Dr. Páramo was right, evidenced by the recent ruling against Monsanto in France. “In 2001, the Eaux et Rivières de Bretagne association had denounced Monsanto for announcing that its Round Up product was efficient and did not present risks to the environment. Herbicide labels claimed it was "100 percent biodegradable, clean." Professor Robert Bellé's team demonstrated the potentially carcinogenic nature of the herbicide. This renowned model for studying the early stages of cancer genesis earned Tim Hunt the 2001 Nobel Prize in Medicine. In 2002, the Finisterre team had shown that Round Up interferes with one of the key stages of cell division. It is the same Breton association, which censures Monsanto for making the Lyon, forced the company to pay 15,000 euros to an NGO for "false advertising".

Since 2003, Monsanto has launched the United Field Program in Colombia, aimed at small producers and indigenous people in the departments of Córdoba and Tolima, the aerial spraying of Plan Colombia results in 100 percent of women In addition to the symptoms of intoxication, they presented genetic damage to a third of their blood cells. The research also mentions a large number of mammalian studies that show skeletal damage in fetuses, drastic weight changes, fluctuations in the endocrine system and mortality at chronic levels of exposure; in humans there are cases of poisoning, severe skin and eye irritation, neurological damage and incidence of genetic changes in human cells that can lead to cancer. ( //)

In the United States, Monsanto's home country, the most prominent cases are those related to the Ronald Reagan administration. Under such a government, numerous environmental ravages caused by Monsanto products were covered up. An example is the case of the contamination of the Times Beach town in the state of Missouri with dioxins included in chemicals that had been used to clean its streets, and for which their evacuation was ordered. In another similar case, residents of Anniston, Alabama, in 2002, sued Monsanto for contaminating the town's water sources with the chemical PBC, later banned for its toxic effects. In 1997 the company had to pay a millionaire fine and change the label of the chemical that classified it as biodegradable and healthy for health. In 2004 Monsanto faced a $ 350 million lawsuit for the use of aspartame in its sweeteners despite its brain tonic effect. This case is of particular interest since the license for the use of aspartame - known commercially as NUTRASWEET - was revoked for several years until in 1981 the director of the company and at the time former Secretary of Defense of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld - which we now know for leading the invasion of Iraq and the scandals at the Abu Ghraib prison - he won the award with the favor of the Reagan administration. (

Monsanto's Round Up herbicide contaminates drinking water in Denmark. ("Politiken" by Anders Legarth Schmidt. 05/10/03). “Danish agriculture uses 800 tons of the active ingredient glyphosate as a herbicide. The Ministry of the Environment is watching the steps to put a stop. Danish drinking water resources are under attack from an unexpected angle. " (

Mathilde Durif, spokeswoman for the French subsidiary of the US giant, indicates that Monsanto is not impressed by these results, which contradict 60 other studies and “neither the European authorities, nor the World Health Organization, nor the United Nations Organization to Food and Agriculture (FAO) have classified this product as carcinogenic ”. Which shows the impunity with which they move. (, Grupo Semillas, Colombia)

This accumulation of scientific evidence requires and obliges governments to urgently review the use of Round Up. The company currently offers four types of agrochemical and the "Rewards Plan" for those who buy more of the product, and by sending an SMS from your cell phone! at 5050 you win prizes… to get intoxicated! Shameful.

Argentina assumed the risk of producing transgenics when they were questioned in the main markets of the world and accompanied the United States in its presentation before the World Trade Organization (WTO), against the European Union for the moratorium on transgenics.

Here are the results: "The company collected and collects royalties for the sales of seeds with its RR gene without having the patent recognized in the country and invoiced about 175 million dollars in glyphosate - the main component of the Round Up herbicide - used in the oleaginous ”, said the former Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Eng. Miguel Campos. (Latin American Regional Secretary-Montevideo.

Ruling Gentlemen: If you need a demonstration, we can go water the seedlings in your garden with Round Up, if you did not understand the point and the seriousness of the facts. Will they allow us to continue to be used as guinea pigs? Meanwhile, the firm that invented "Agent Orange" increases its enormous power and uses us as a large-scale laboratory.

So, Doctor Wasteland, shout it louder! ...

* Graciela Gómez,
The Santafecino, Rel-Uita

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