What is ethical WATER?

What is ethical WATER?

By Feliciano Pla-Xiberta

It is unethical, supplying water that does not kill, but harms and harms everything it touches, even living beings. Allowing what hurts and hurts, just to move more money in occupations, otherwise unnecessary, can not be a good thing.

At Spring Univerd Mail. 2007On the subject of water classes, I say that a correct supply should not harm or harm anyone or anything. This has interested so many readers that, agreeing to your request, I present a condensed text.

"It is not ethical, to supply water that does not kill, but damages and harms everything it touches, even living beings. Allowing what damages and harms, just to move more money in occupations, otherwise unnecessary, cannot be nothing good.

Yesterday I visited one of the water treatment plants for more than a million people in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. After seeing where the water is taken from and what is done with it, no one would drink it again without precautions. On the other hand, bottled waters without treatment are not better for our health, and they also cause damages to avoid.

In the cited text I value 10 kinds of water:

10. Clean, distilled rain, without salts.
9. Mineral and thermal (controlled medicinal).
8. Blue "Ethical water" (Fresh, hygienic), "soft" untreated; It does NOT harm or harm anyone or anything.
7. "Hard" white (Drinkable with lime).
6. Yellow «urine diluted 10%» (Fertilizer irrigation).
5. Gray-1 (Rinse, reusable).
4. Gray-2 (Bio-soapy, reusable, filtered (?))
3. Gray-3 (Greasy, reusable, decanted).
2. Gray-4 (Used, reusable, filtered (?))
1. Black «Biofecal» (Recyclable: water lentils).
0. Violet "Contaminated" (Debug (isolate)).

All of them are more or less useful, for different destinations. You cannot have a single useful water supply, nor a single used water destination, where it hardly rains, and the falling water goes directly to the sewers, and through them to the sea, with no other use than the involuntary one.

I look at water from the point of view of its degradation. When I come into contact with it, I try to pollute it as little as possible and reuse it as much as possible, before it seeps into the soil of my own territory, from where I can recover it filtered by him.

ACUI Tips for PermaDesign

1. Plant forests - a storehouse for oxygen, water, food and other necessary resources.
2. Accumulate all the water you receive.
3. Take advantage of local water from the sky and the ground.
4. Cap it up, to use it down; gravity is free.
5. Take advantage of the virtues of water; energy too.
6. Try to do several functions at the same time.
7. Reduce ducts and avoid losses.
8. Regulates flow as supply enters.
9. Use the appropriate lower grade; This way you reduce costs.
10. Avoid degrading the water.
11. Do not mix qualities - it is degrading without using.
12. If degraded, rehabilitate the water for local use.
13. Do not use water as a waste drag.
14. Reuse each drop of water as many times as you can.
15. Move the used water to oxygenate it.
16. Filter or purify it, if necessary, to recycle it.
17. Water with used water of an appropriate inferior quality. Watering is moistening soil, not washing it or diluting nutrients.
18. Use it for the last time, to moisten the soil where your food grows; thus it will return to the local aquifer.
19. Prevent surface water from leaving your territory.
20. Think that using well is saving energy, damages, and, always, time and money. And that…
21. «Wasting does not make you richer, it makes you irresponsible; nor take advantage of poorer, makes ingenious ».

Another thing is individual behavior, for which I state another 21.

ACUI Tips for «ecoConscient».

1. Think well before doing. Do not be confused.
2. Your health depends on clean air and fresh water; breathe like a baby and drink between meals, not at them; dissolve gastric juices, lengthen digestion.
3. Avoid supplies of "hard and / or fluoridated water"; they don't kill, but. they harm and harm.
4. Avoid bottled water; its damages are only comparable to those of "unethical" supplies.

5. Use salt water - useful, medicinal and healthy.
6. Distinguish between "consume" (use and throw away) and "use well" to reuse.
7. Choose toilets and machines with minimum consumption, with Venturi aerator taps and foot control.
8. Avoid "Use and Throw", illogical and unethical system.
9. Use water usefully and efficiently.
10. Regulate the flow before the time.
11. Avoid timers and electronic devices; If you cannot adjust the flow with a pedal, use basins and a glass.
12. It discriminates used water -multi-way drains-.
13. Urine in bisexual urinal -consumes 0.1 l / service- and uses urine -diluted 10% - as fertilizer irrigation.
14. Easier defecation in a flat cup -ergonomic- with a stool disintegrator -defluent that can be cleaned in a duckweed pond, useful as fertilizer irrigation-
15. Learn to shower in a minute; Take advantage of the water used for the urinal and toilet bowl.
16. Prefer to wash by hand. Machine wash, full load only, with cold water and biodegradable detergents. Before, it removes solids, fats and oils, and removes stains.
17. Don't dump what can go into a dry bag.
18. Nourish yourself with fresh fruit and vegetables. "The sun cooks, the fire burns: Nutrient burned, nutrient lost."
19. Reduce your consumption, from 50 or more, to 33 l / day.
20. Lead by example; don't expect others to do what you don't. Never say "WE HAVE TO."
21. Be conscious, out of conviction.

If these ACUI Councils were attended to, it would reduce the hoarding of water and the consequent business, previously unnecessary; hunger, diseases and deaths caused by them would disappear; humanity would once again freely have fresh water and the planet would regain its blue and green color, as our ancestors received it, still conscious.

The ecoSOLUTION with only 3 points is:

2. Collect nutrients from native vegetation, and
3. Take it cooked by the Sun.

Conclusion: Here. there is no lack of water; lack. ethics, shame and permaDiseño. "

Univerd-Permacultura de España. 1984

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