How to Substitute Eggs, Dairy, Honey and Gelatin

How to Substitute Eggs, Dairy, Honey and Gelatin

Replace The Egg

- If you use eggs to "bind" meatballs or hamburgers, you can use oat flakes soaked in water instead. A third alternative would be lightly moistened breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, or whole wheat breadcrumbs.

- If you want to make sauces, like mayonnaise, you can use a vegetarian mayonnaise.

- If you want to make an omelette, you can use a mixture made with chickpea flour and water, with the help of a mixer, in a proportion of 60% flour and 40% water

- If you want to make a batter, pass the food to batter in flour, then in a dough made with water and 50% flour, with the help of the electric mixer, and then in breadcrumbs

Substitute Dairy

- Substituting cow's milk for rice milk, oat milk, almond milk or quinoa, is quite simple. You can use it in the same way, with cereals for breakfast, to make bechamel, to make desserts, etc. It will change the flavor a bit, but you get used to it. You can make it yourself, recipes abound on the internet.

- Substituting butter is also very simple, using vegetable margarine. Be careful and read the ingredients well, as some margarines can contain buttermilk or skimmed milk. If it is fortified with artificial vitamin A, it can come from fish liver oil, butter or egg yolk. Similarly, vitamin D3 is obtained from fish oil or lanolin (fat contained in sheep's wool).

- Substituting cream in the preparation of main dishes is also very simple, there are vegetable creams on the market, although they are not suitable for whipping. A "homemade cream" is the result of mixing tofu, virgin olive oil and some water. If you want to make "sour cream cream" for your Mexican recipes, you can make it with tofu, virgin olive oil and lemon juice, beating everything with the electric mixer.

Substitute Honey

- There are many healthy and ethical alternatives to honey: molasses (cane honey), cane sugar, maple syrup, rice syrup, malt syrup, apple syrup, concentrated fruit juices ... Corn molasses is the closest thing in appearance, texture, color, and flavor.

Substitute Gelatin

- The agar-agar algae powder dissolved in water is used. Its flavor is very mild and it is used as a thickener, instead of gelatin, which comes from cooking the bones of animals, therefore being inadvisable. To prepare this gelatin, it only requires a short cooking plus an hour of rest for it to solidify. It has laxative properties.

Ana Moreno
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Excerpted from "Novice Vegan Survival Manual"

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