Report on the Militarization of Latin America

Report on the Militarization of Latin America

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To date, multiple combined exercises have been carried out. It is enough to mention in addition to the famous UNITAS, CABAÑAS, and AGUILA, others not as popular as: United Forces, Cruz del Sur, Ceibo, Fraterno, Fluvial, Tamba, Sar, Araex, Humanitarian Support, and many others.

Report on Militarization (An Alert to the Next Meeting of Defense Ministers to be held in Quito, Ecuador, in November 2004)

In previous documents, the CEMIDA (Military Center for Argentine Democracy) has informed public opinion about the objectives of the US with its continental defense policy. We recall that after the end of the "Cold War" and as a consequence, the end of the "Doctrine of National Security" imposed on the entire Hemisphere, the dominant power, victorious over its staunch opponent, found itself without an apparent visible enemy against who would fight and who would serve as a pretext to achieve the real objective of his policy: the control and free disposal, on his part, of natural resources with strategic value in the region.

To do this, it designed an action plan that, starting in 1989 with the "WASHINGTON CONSENSUS", and then, in 1991 with the "Santiago Commitment to Democracy and the Renewal of the Inter-American System" accepted by the delegates of 34 countries of the Hemisphere; it could be reflected in 1994 at the "Summit of Presidents of the Americas" held in Miami. In it, the need to link the security of the Continent was determined on the basis of three pillars: the existence of representative democracy, the widespread adoption of a globalized neoliberal economic system, and the organization of a new collective security system.

This, had to be differentiated from the previous one through three constitutive elements:

1. A level of political leadership of future military operations embodied in the so-called "Meeting of the Defense Ministers of the Americas" which would be endowed with a new working body known as the "Committee on Hemispheric Security" and of an entity for the preparation of civilians in defense problems called "Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies." Both based in the US and under the supervision of the US Department of Defense.

2. A level of military execution as planned by the aforementioned political leadership; made up of the already existing "Meetings of Commanders in Chief of the Americas", keeping the Inter-American Defense Board as a working body (which had to be given an institutional character within the framework of the OAS) and transferring the macabre "Military School of the Americas "from Panama to US territory.

3. An acceptance of common enemies for all, namely: drug trafficking, terrorism, possession of weapons of mass destruction, arms trafficking, migratory flows, natural disasters, and religious or nationalist overflows.

Combined with all these factors, in 1995, the US released the documents "Strategic Assessment 1995 - US Changes in Transition" and "US Strategy Security for the Americas" which condense the aspects already mentioned. (For more details see our website: Document "IV Bolivarian Amphiction Congress ?.")

This is how on July 25 and 26, 1995, the first Meeting of Defense Ministers of the Americas was held in Williamsburg, USA to begin planning the system that, based on the acceptance of opposing common enemies before named, should:

a) Impose the existence of representative democracy in a universal way.

b) Implement under the name of "FTAA" a globalized neoliberal system that would allow "to detect any symptoms of instability in the region."

c) Begin training the military forces in the area by carrying out combined exercises in order to "Strengthen Security Collectively" and establish military bases so that the troops could control the areas with availability of strategic natural resources without large displacements. (drinking water, biodiversity, hydrocarbons). The bases of Guantanamo in Cuba, Roosevelt Roads and Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico, Palmerola and Soto Cano in Honduras, Comalapas in El Salvador, Curaçao and Aruba were added, with the implementation of the "Plan Colombia" and the " Andean Regional Initiative ", the gigantic Manta in Ecuador, the Huallaga Valley in Peru, the Tres Esquinas, Larandia and Puerto Leguizamo in Colombia, the one already claimed and returned to Brazil from San Pedro Alcántara, close to Manaus? In addition, a plan has been drawn up to install "alleged illegal underground atomic explosion detection stations," eight of them in Argentine territory.

To date, multiple combined exercises have been carried out. It is enough to mention in addition to the famous UNITAS, CABAÑAS, and AGUILA, others not as popular as: United Forces, Cruz del Sur, Ceibo, Fraterno, Fluvial, Tamba, Sar, Araex, Humanitarian Support, and many others. Take note that they occurred in our territories and close to places with strategic natural resources, never in US territory. Their true purpose was expressed by the former President OF LA RUA when, when requesting authorization from Congress for the entry of troops foreigners, he specified in his Bill: "prepare for the fight in a battlefield made up of CIVILIANS, NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS AND POTENTIAL AGGRESSORS." (SIC)

When the events of September 11, 2001 occurred, the System had already been consolidated through successive Meetings of Defense Ministers: Bariloche, 1996, Cartagena de Indias, 1998, Manaos, 2000. To these would be added that of Santiago de Chile , 2002. Now, in November 2004, a new one, the Sixth, will be held in Quito, Ecuador.

The new demands of North American security led the United States to expand its objectives and that is how it called for a "Special Meeting on Hemispheric Security to Develop a New Inter-American Defense System." It was held in Monterrey, (Mexico), in October 2003. The new objectives set were:

a) Unify Internal Security with Defense against external aggression, for which it was necessary to unify the management and employment of the AA Armed Forces with those of Security in any field.

b) Unify and complete the concept of a common enemy, already mentioned above, ratified by the "Meeting of Experts on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures in the Americas", which took place in Miami in February 2003.

c) Take firm steps towards the organization of a joint inter-American military force, after so many preparatory exercises carried out, so that, within the framework of the new SIAD (Inter-American Defense System), with the intervention of the OAS, with a TIAR (Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance) revitalized after the disaster of the South Atlantic War, would be able to operate continentally, outside the framework of the UN and the Security Council, to carry out military interventions in order to:
- Make peace.
- Keep the peace.
- Force Peace.
Operating against the "COMMON ENEMY" and monitored by the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

The North American attempt in Monterrey could not be fully achieved due to the determined opposition of Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, but the American objectives have not changed. They will try to impose them in QUITO, next November, at the VI Meeting of Defense Ministers.
They count as allies the Central American and Caribbean governments, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile and the attitudes and pressures of the multiple graduates of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies who hold prominent positions in the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Relations of their countries ( in Colombia and Chile they have held the positions of Defense Ministers), as well as politicians of note who do not perceive or refuse to perceive the nature of the dependence sought. As an example we can cite the recent sayings of former President Duhalde who expressed the need to unify the National Defense Forces with the Security Forces to combat "crime."

Let us not forget the maneuver developed by the USA to achieve the dispatch of a military contingent to "Keep the Peace" in Haiti, after they themselves overthrew the constitutional government of ARISTIDE in open defiance of RESOLUTION 1080 of the OAS, dated 5 June 1991, which enshrines the maintenance of continental democratic systems.

The truth is that the combined inter-American contingent is operating in HAITI, erasing with the elbow what was written with the hand. So not very peaceful are these interventions that the confrontations with the local reaction have already claimed two victims (one Argentine and the other Brazilian) and, unfortunately, this situation will increase, since the abuses committed by the Brazilian forces are already so notorious, degrading and tremendous. , to which our troops have not yet lent themselves, that the Haitian resistance to the dictatorship and occupation imposed will increase with the passing of the days.

This system will be the one that will be institutionalized in QUITO in November, but already leaving aside the UN and its SECURITY COUNCIL, which is the one who has provided a certain framework of legality in HAITI, both will be supplanted by an OAS always compliant and subordinate to the Empire .

That is why we alert public opinion and our authorities so that they are not complacent victims of an iniquitous system that always puts us at the disposal of the Empire to serve its purposes. The contradictions are multiple; Argentina, due to its DEFENSE LAW, prohibits military personnel from operating in Internal Security, but its contingent in HAITI does nothing other than those operations. Brazil incurs a similar aberration, but in its territory: it uses its military power to impose a supposed order in its "favelas."

We must not forget that the true enemy of our peoples is the unjust distribution of wealth that generates misery, exclusion, lack of work, disease, illiteracy, hunger and so many other disasters and that our Armed Forces must be prepared only to defend our people , our territory and its natural resources and the authorities arising from constitutional procedures, never at the service of imperial interests that only aspire to continue to have our resources and our lives.

* Professor Elsa M. Bruzzone - Secretary
CNL (R) Jose Luis Garcia - Secretary General
CEMIDA - Military Center for Argentine Democracy

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