Organic Mad Cow

Organic Mad Cow

By By Ing Agr Adolfo Boy

Argentina is losing a natural advantage by proliferating the feed lot instead of the pasture-raised cow in the open field.

With manifest joy, a well-known biotechnology spokesperson announced that "it is not by going back to the past that problems are solved but with science and technology (…) that is why organic products should be considered like all others and tested, since in Italy and France mad cow cases were detected in organic herds ... "

His speech will surely be repeated without sparing headlines in the Saturday supplement and from there the trail of misinformation that multimedia knows how to use will follow.

But, knowing with the oxen that we plow ... we are going to suggest to the readers some reflections, so as not to fall into disappointment and despair, that leads us to believe that ultimately the only way out is biotechnology and cutting-edge technology:

-What is the origin of the BSE?

Today everyone admits that it originated by feeding cattle food based on animal remains, especially sheep with scrapie, in an industrial concept of agriculture, seeking the paradigm of globalization: productivity and competitiveness.

Then "science" would come to ensure that it was impossible for the disease of sheep to pass to cattle, when that happened the regulatory bodies came out to ensure that it could not pass to humans, when that happened, the scientists explained that the prion It is a protein with pathogenic capacity ... and now all of Europe sees the beef and cries, but does not eat it ...

Will it be unscientific to compare this reality with what happened with AIDS?

The origin, still much disputed, was said to be restricted to certain sexual behaviors, today everyone, ALL, EVERYBODY, We are exposed.

When the gravity of the mad cow became aware, we said in the GRR that Argentina was losing a natural advantage by proliferating the feed lot instead of the cow raised to pasture in the open field. Today this is no longer true? By no means, nor does it cease to be true that it will continue to be the best meat.


And here we propose a greater effort to reflect: when organic production of soybeans, corn or cotton was done in a context without GMOs, there was no possibility of "contamination" now with GMOs in ALL Argentina, nor can organic production provide security that their products do not give positive in the PCR tests.

This reality NO It was originated by natural or organic production, on the contrary, the lightness in the release of GMOs has now put all production, no matter how natural or organic, in a dead end.

Wouldn't this be the plan proposed by the biotechnology companies, to have to accept that everything is unfailingly contaminated anyway?

Doesn't that sound like saying that globalization is irreversible, and that it is here to stay ... AMEN

* Ing Agr Adolfo Boy
[email protected] Rural Reflection Group- GRR

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