Yoga Holidays Which destination to choose?

Yoga Holidays Which destination to choose?

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In recent years, yoga fans have continued to grow in Spain and other countries…. Each one practices their own style of yoga, at their own pace and according to various practices ranging from the softest to the most energetic (ashtanga, bikram ...).

For all fans of this physical and mental sport, it is best to be able to practice even on vacation. In fact, it will be the ideal time to combine the health, physical and mental benefits during a long period of relaxation and total serenity. The most difficult thing will be to find the ideal place, the most favorable place to achieve a perfect balance between change of scenery, discovery, well-being and relaxation.

These are the countries we recommend for those looking for the perfect place to practice yoga while traveling.

India to find your way to the origins of Yoga

Yoga was born in India hundreds of years ago. This ancient Indian practice has changed significantly and has become a discipline that unifies the body and mind through physical exercises combined with meditation.

Whether in the Himalayan mountains, in the holy city of Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganges or in the fertile lands of the Deccan, you can choose between initiation, training courses, private courses, group trips, exploration trips…. so you can practice the style of yoga that you like the most. India is probably the country where trips on the subject of Yoga are the most numerous and personalized.

Costa Rica to meditate on virgin beaches

If those passionate about adventure, sensations and sports will be delighted in Costa Rica, those who love relaxation will also be able to enjoy beautiful beaches and incredible nature. In fact, this country is bordered by two oceans and many kilometers of paradisiacal beaches. Magnificent luxury hotels and eco-hotels have managed to hide between the sea and the forest to offer tourists temples of tranquility where relaxation, meditation and yoga are kings. These preserved places are often confidential and off the beaten track!

Indonesia with Bali, the island of gods and yoga

On a dream beach, in the jungle, in the rice fields ... the places to practice yoga are as numerous as they are magical in Bali. In fact, on this island, yoga is part of the daily life of the locals. But it is probably the city of Ubud, in the center of Bali, that has the most schools and places of retreat where Westerners can recharge their batteries.

And, for those who, in addition to nature and meditation, seek tourism, why not combine a Yoga course with a small tourist tour or a relaxing stay in a paradisiacal archipelago? Here are some ideas for destinations where it is easy to combine excursions and yoga: Martinique, the Caribbean Islands, Panama and its dream islands: Las San Blas or why not in Biarritz, in the French Basque Country?

Indeed, whatever the destination of your future vacation, it is enough not to forget your carpet because there is always the possibility of finding beautiful little corners hidden from view to practice your yoga in complete serenity.

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