Greta Thunberg's best phrases at COP25

Greta Thunberg's best phrases at COP25

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Days ago Greta Thunberg attended the COP25 climate summit in Spain.

At just 16 years old, Greta Thunberg is one of the most prominent characters of the year 2019 for her dedication to combat climate change.

She is not the only young woman who participates in the same fight to take care of the planet, but the media have given her all the prominence.

Promoter of the Fridays For Future movement, she managed to get thousands of young people around the world to take to the streets in demonstrations to protest the implementation of measures against climate change.

Young people are demanding THE measures that, with the support of scientists, politicians should already be implementing in all countries to mitigate the effects of this climate emergency.

And climate summits are the right forum for these protests to reach the ears of world leaders. These, for their part, participate in the summit (those who attend it) with the commitment to apply the mandates of the experts. At least, facing the gallery.

On December 6, Thunberg participated in a press conference organized by the Youth for Climate and Fridays For Future movements, in the social and cultural center of the Montemadrid Foundation, shortly before leading the (already usual every Friday) peaceful march for the climate in El Centro de Madrid.

This is a compilation of the most important phrases that Greta has pronounced during her presence in Madrid at the COP25 events:

I'm just a little piece, we need more references in climate activism "

“I really hope that COP25 will be an occasionfor politicians to do something about the emergency, and that this is something that they can not hide anymore "

“Change is what we young people ask for, and our voice is finally being heard. Because,they are desperate to try to silence us

“We have been on a climate strike for a year, and they still do nothing.People are suffering and dying and we cannot continue like this "

Praise won't save us but your actions "

“We don't want just promises, and we've already heard a lot.We want you to act

One of Greta's most memorable speeches was the one she also starred in 2019 at the UN General Assembly. These are some of his most important appointments:

– What is your message to world leaders?

– “We will be watching you

“You come to us young people looking for hope.How do you get through? (How dare you?)

"You have stolen my childhood and my dreams, with your empty words"

“People are suffering, they are dying.Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction, and all they talk about is fairy tale promises of eternal economic growth. How dare you ?! "

“For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear:How dare you keep looking the other way?

“If you really understand the situation and still refuse to act,that means you are bad people. And I refuse to believe that.


Video: Greta thunberg addresses UN Climate action summit 2019 (May 2022).