For the ants to leave ...

For the ants to leave ...

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This is a natural treatment for the invasion of ants of all kinds.

It is a “recipe” from the master of organic agriculture, Jairo Restrepo, who suggests that we share this knowledge, experience it and comment on it. It is the only way to stop the use of pesticides.

Many already know that citrus fruits generate the Penicillium fungus. It is that greenish and dusty mold that covers the peel of oranges, grapefruit and lemons when they are overripe.

This type of fungus is antagonistic to the fungus that ants generate to feed themselves in the depths of the nest. The leaves that we see that are taken to the nest, it is actually the substrate (food) to grow that fungus.

The procedure is very simple

1 identify the anthill by following the path of the ants.
2 uncover the main hole.
3 wash citrus fruits contaminated with mold.
4 the washing water must be poured through the hole in the anthill and the remains must be deposited at its entrance.

The result

The Penicillium fungus competes with that of the ants, colonizes it, feeds on it and the ants go elsewhere to rebuild their anthill.

For those who respect the lives of all animals, it is a great option since ants do not die.

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