Bayer-Monsanto Pleads Guilty to Illegally Spraying a Banned Pesticide

Bayer-Monsanto Pleads Guilty to Illegally Spraying a Banned Pesticide

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It is already known worldwide that the Monsanto Company, acquired by Bayer, is dedicated to the production of agrochemicals and biotechnology.

It is the world leader in genetic engineering of seeds and herbicide production, but has incredibly pleaded guilty to illegally using a pesticide banned as highly toxic in its research crops located on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

The company acknowledged that it sprayed corn seeds and other crops with the pesticide “Penncap-M” at its Valley Farm plant in 2014, knowing it was banned in 2013 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

For breaking the law, Bayer-Monsanto will have to pay the sum of 10 million dollars in fines.

The illegal conduct in this case posed a threat to the environment, surrounding communities, and Monsanto workers.said the prosecutor in charge of the case, Nick Hanna, who clarified that federal regulations and laws oblige users of dangerous chemicals to be stored and transported safely.

The company in its statements, admitted that it did not live up to its own standards or applicable laws. After the fumigation carried out, he ordered his workers to enter the fields just a week later, despite the fact that the area had to remain closed for a minimum of a month.

The government demands an agreement in which the company pays a fine of 6 million dollars for the crime, and another 4 million in community services to entities of the government of Hawaii. Meanwhile, prosecutor Hanna indicated that the government has agreed to dismiss the criminal charges if the company decides to sign the agreement.

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