Women transform plastic bottles into yarns suitable for textile crafts

Women transform plastic bottles into yarns suitable for textile crafts

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Recycling actions are a way to ensure the care of the environment. For this reason, and added to an innovative possibility of empowering unemployed women so that they can get ahead, “Bottles that Empower” was born.

What is it about?

Its name already gives us a clue, it is a program that aims to give a new use to plastic bottles that otherwise, after being used, end up in the trash.

This venture is led by the women of Ayacucho, a city in the south central area of ​​Peru. The recycled plastic will be transformed into threads with which they can make beautiful embroidery and textile crafts.

Bottles That Empower is a program that seeks, in an innovative and environmentally responsible way, to give a new purpose to the plastic of its single-use Pepsi and 7Up bottles: to turn plastic into thread and thread into embroidery.

An amazing project

Through a careful transformation process, the PET in the bottles is converted into fibers and threads suitable for textile crafts. Therefore, Ayacucho women will also become entrepreneurs and autonomous, being able to use this program to knit and create clothing and accessories.

Non-returnable bottles such as those of the Pepsi and 7up brands then go through a process that involves being crushed, melted and end up as textile fibers. Once the process is done, all the balls are taken to Ayacucho to be worked and the women do wonders with their hands.

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