A man captures the beautiful phenomenon of "night pillars" in Canada

A man captures the beautiful phenomenon of

The phenomena that nature offers are surprising, they generate almost fantasy scenarios and some of them occur only once in a lifetime. This time, one of those phenomena was recorded by a photography lover with the help of his son.

In the early morning hours, Timothy Joseph Elzinga's two-year-old son woke him up to warn him that the sky was looking different that night.

Both went out to observe the sky and it seemed that nature was giving them a night of boral auroras, which are usually common in the city of Ontario, Canada.

But by observing them carefully and after photographing them for a while, Timothy realized that a very particular phenomenon was actually occurring. The sky was covered with lights that simulated laser beams fired from space; it really was a very fascinating optical phenomenon.

In addition to the photographs, Timothy was able to film this video where you can see how the lights have a dancing movement.

These "night pillars" are believed to form when the temperature of a city is very cold. Tiny ice crystals fall to the ground, causing the artificial light to project into the sky as a halo of light. The pillars of light would be an effect that comes from some source of light from the public lighting that is projected towards the sky, like rays.


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