Coldplay suspends their tours until their concerts ‘benefit the environment’

Coldplay suspends their tours until their concerts ‘benefit the environment’

The British band Coldplay has decided not to tour to promote their latest album, Everyday Life, which was released this Friday, due to the environmental impact that their concerts may generate. "We are going to take some time to see how our tour can be beneficial," said the group's leader, Chris Martin, revealing to the BBC network the decision they have made in the face of the climate crisis.

"Our dream is to have a show without single-use plastics and in which solar energy is used to a great extent," explained the singer who is obviously committed to the fight for a better environment.

“We have done many important tours up to this point. How do we change it so that, from now on, we give as much as we receive? ”, Asked the singer.

For this reason, next year they will dedicate themselves to assessing all the possible options so that, if they give another tour, it will be special. So far, the two unique 'Everyday Life' presentation concerts took place today in Amman, “a place in the middle of the world where we normally don't play. If you have had the privilege of traveling the world, you know that we are all from the same place, we do not feel different from others ”, explained Martin.

The exception to this decision will be a single concert on Monday, November 25 at the Natural History Museum in London in which all the money raised will go to an NGO that fights for the environment.

The Coldplay are not the first musicians to show concern about the climate crisis. Other groups such as The 1975 or the singer Billie Eilish have already expressed their concern about the carbon footprint generated by their tours or associated merchandising. Eilish announced that she wants her concerts to be as "green" as possible, with measures such as a ban on plastic straws or the use of reusable bottles. Former REM leader Michael Stipe recently released his first solo track, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the anti-climate change organization Extinction Rebellion.


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