Carrot burgers a vegetarian delight

Carrot burgers a vegetarian delight

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A tasty and easy recipe for vegetarians. With all the benefits of carrots!

- The aromas of carrots stimulate the appetite.

- Helps fight constipation and stomach pain from intoxication. Calms gastric discomfort and excess acidity due to mineral salts such as sodium, chlorine, potassium and B complex vitamins.

4- Due to its high water content, it is diuretic and helps the disintegration of kidney stones.

- Rich in potassium and phosphorus, it is an excellent invigorator for tired minds and restores nerves.

- Strengthens nails and hair, giving it shine. Carrot stem cells are rich in beta-carotene, also called provitamin A, which is transformed in the body into retinol or Vitamin A.

- Improves the quality of breast milk. Beta carotene and vitamin A improve the biological quality of breast milk.

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