Lego swaps plastic for blocks made from sugar cane

Lego swaps plastic for blocks made from sugar cane

LEGO is another of the great companies in the world that has also decided to think green and join sustainability by choosing a bioplastic for its products.

At the end of this year it plans to launch its first kit with sustainable parts with the clear objective of reducing plastic consumption.

The material used by Lego has plant origin, comes from sugar cane and is presented in a collection of bioplastic toys in the shape of trees and plants.

This will be the first step towards the company's ultimate goal of producing all its products and packaging with sustainable material by 2030.


The new polyethylene plastic is manufactured using ethanol produced from sustainably sourced sugarcane which, having the same properties as the original polyethylene, both children and adults will not feel any difference when playing with the new pieces.

In addition, to demonstrate its global commitment, Lego made an alliance with Braskem last year, who supply it with I’m green plastic, globally certified and made from sugar cane.

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