Creole corn has nutritional and pharmaceutical properties

Creole corn has nutritional and pharmaceutical properties

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In Mexico, INIFAP has focused on generating technology and knowledge for the various varieties of farm products, and in recent months they have focused on researching varieties of native or native corn.

These research works have covered purple, blue, red corn varieties and other varieties that for years were no longer used due to the growing influence of hybrid white and yellow corn.

Creole or native corn has been found to have nutraceutical advantages, that is, while having high nutritional properties, it represents a pharmaceutical alternative.

Unfortunately, the production of this type of grain occurs on a small scale, so one of the objectives is to identify the production areas well, have varieties of corn for each of these types and environments and have good yields”They report from the institute.

Unfortunately, farmers cannot reproduce many species because they are hybrids. The transnational companies are the ones that have the power in the sale of these seeds and many farmers do not have access to these purchases. But they can find in the Creole corn the way to continue producing and selecting their best seeds.

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