A town in Guatemala has not used plastic for more than 3 years

A town in Guatemala has not used plastic for more than 3 years

San Pedro la Laguna is an exemplary town for its ecological actions. There lives a Guatemalan community that decided to return to its origins.

This community seeks to protect one of the country's natural treasures, Lake Atitlán, a resource for local fishermen and a tourist attraction that had been turned into a garbage dump.

The municipality is the one who made the firm decision in 2016 to permanently withdraw plastic bags, containers and containers from circulation. Given the measure, the inhabitants of San Pedro La Laguna have already successfully replaced the highly polluting plastic with other biodegradable ones.

Now, the bread is kept on napkins woven by artisans in the region; the meat, fish or cheese is wrapped in banana leaves; or market purchase is loaded into palm woven baskets.

All these products that have replaced plastic have helped to significantly reduce the waste that is generated, but they have also increased income for artisans.

Mauricio Méndez, mayor of the town, explains that his intention is that the least amount of garbage ends up in the lake. "It is not just about finding a way to recycle or sell garbage, but also how to stop producing it. We must change the concept that has been used to save the environment conceptualizing it as something alien, who we must save is us, we are the last resort that the planet has left" Add.

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