The "milkman" returns to avoid plastic containers


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Citizens in London are increasingly environmentally conscious, and to reduce the use of plastic packaging, they have called for the old job of the "milkman" to return.

The milk delivery men in glass containers have returned to London as they were in the past, to combat single-use plastics.

Companies such as Milk & More and Parker Dairies have commented that younger consumers are those who are most committed to caring for the environment and are predisposed to pay more for the delivery service of milk in glass, in order to reduce polluting plastics.

Around 500,000 liters of milk are being delivered to the home per day, which represents 3% of the total milk sales made in the United Kingdom. Milk home delivery is estimated to have increased 25% nationwide in the last two years.

Companies such as Parker Dairies, have redoubled their commitment to caring for the environment and carry out the distribution of milk in electric vehicles. It has a fleet of 25 cars. Their door-to-door sales are increasing day by day and they are currently selling an additional 1,800 bottles a week. "People are much more aware of the environment and that is why they ask us if we have glass containers"Said a representative of the company.

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