An 8-year-old boy caught a shark and can set a new record

An 8-year-old boy caught a shark and can set a new record

The "feat" of an Australian minor has gone viral on social media. Your brand must be verified but it may be a record.

This is Jayden Millauro, an eight-year-old Australian boy, who caught a giant shark eight times heavier than him, off the coast of New South Wales (Australia) earlier this month.

A photograph posted on the Sydney Game Fishing Club Facebook page caused social media to explode. In it, the boy, a member of the club, appears posing with a 314-kilo shark.

Although in 95% of the cases, Jayden's family of fishermen release the captured specimens, this time they did not. "With this, the fisheries will take samples for research, and the jaws will be molded into a plaque on the wall for Jayden. "said the minor's father. The rest of the animal will be destined for consumption.

The record in the youth category of the International Association of Sport Fishing is held by Ian Hissey, who in 1997 caught a 312 kg tiger shark. Jayden's capture will need to be officially verified to be considered a brand new.

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