Madrid initiates an extermination plan for Argentine parrots

Madrid initiates an extermination plan for Argentine parrots

The Madrid City Council will launch a plan to end the Argentine parrots in the Spanish capital with the intention that it will be fully operational next fall.

This has been announced by the delegate of the Environment and Mobility area, Borja Carabante, who has described the fight against an "invasive alien species" as "fundamental".

"The parrots have increased in the city of Madrid by 33 percent in the last three years and therefore they have reached a very important number various problems for the conservation of the biodiversity of the ecosystem and generate health problems for citizens", Carabante has explained.

The decision was made after a recent study showed that the parrot population had grown from 9,000 individuals three years ago to 12,000 today. In 2005, there were only 1,700 of these birds in the capital of Spain.

There are many complaints about this animal from the subtropical jungle of northern Argentina and southern Brazil. According to the newspaper El País, Santiago Soria Carreras, head of the Biodiversity Service of the Madrid Municipality, make noise and affect other native species because they transmit diseases, eat their food and expel them from their habitat.

In addition, the official indicated that their nests are very heavy (between 40 and 50 kilos although they can reach 200) and, if they detach from the tree in which they are, they can be lethal.

The city authorities are working with the Spanish Ornithological Society to prepare a ‘humanitarian eradication’ and sterilize their eggs in the coming months.

This plan will be developed through hunting this species "with traps and even in the nest itself." "Spain has a magnificent animal protection law, so we are going to scrupulously comply with it," Soria warned.

What has not yet been accurately detailed is the budget that will be allocated to this plan against the Argentine parrot, but the person in charge of the project himself calculates an average expense of 6 euros per species, that is, the amount would amount to about 100,000 euros approximately.

For the Government of Madrid, the ideal would be to eradicate all the species, but they believe that it will not be possible. The program plans to reduce the number of birds from 12,000 to around 600.

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