P-84C Thunderjet

The P-84C began coming off the production line in June of 1948. That was generally coordinated in time with the USAAF change to USAF, and the change from Pursuit to Fighter designation. Consequently, this being a time of transition, many of the P designations painted on Thunderjets were seen comingled with F-model designations, and with the P repainted as F on others. Although the C-model was structurally improved over the A- and B-models, they continued to suffer from fuselage and wing wrinkling, and were subsequently restricted to 5.5 Gs in manouvers, and Mach .8 speed. There were 191 C-models built, and because of the structural problems, all were retrofitted with the same modifications made to the B-model aircraft. The differences from B- to C- model were slight, the primary difference being the use of the J35-A-13 engine rather than the -15 used in the B-model aircraft. The thrust, at 4,000 pound was the same; the engine was used because the fuel system was considered to be more in line with the perceived mission requirements for the Thunderjet. The continuing problems with structure and flight characteristics nearly lead to cancellation of the Thunderjet production. However, money already spent was impetus to continue production on aircraft ordered, and the Thunderjet gained new life with the improvements made to the subsequent models. The last C-model Thunderjet was delivered for service in December 1948, as delivery of the improved D-models proceeded starting in November 1948. The C-model production may have been ended, but it was to be that work on the C-models was not completed; starting in May 1949, the newer D-model wings were retrofitted to the B- and C-models in an attempt to resolve structural failures. Along with the A- and B-models, the C-models saw short service life, all being removed from service by late 1952.

Identification Features:
Externally identical to A- and B-models. Pitot tube on upper part of vertical tail.

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