Foods that increase your energy and vitality

Foods that increase your energy and vitality

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There are some foods that, thanks to their particular composition, provide energy and vitality. But it is also important at what time of day we ingest them.

Vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates

Fruits and vegetables are foods that provide vitality mainly due to their content in water, various vitamins and mineral salts. Both nutrients have an important influence on mood, since one of their roles is to participate in some of the functions that the nervous system performs. Therefore, if the diet is deficient in these nutrients, it will negatively influence the mood, making the body feel weaker.

Carbohydrates provide energy to the body. Its role can be compared to that of gasoline in a car mechanism. Therefore it is advisable in addition to including foods rich in these nutrients at breakfast and lunch, take snacks such as fresh or dried fruits, cookies, cereal bars ... which quickly provide energy to the body.

There are cases in which carrying out a diet of these characteristics is not enough, so on those occasions it could be considered, always under the control of a professional, the use of multivitamin or mineral supplements.

Order in meals

It is advisable to follow a rhythm at meals. The most beneficial thing would be to distribute the food in five doses so that the body never feels lacking in nutrients, or with a feeling of hunger or fatigue.

Breakfast, vital

The current rhythm of life, causes that in many cases one of the main meals of the day such as breakfast is omitted, which affects a lack of energy and concentration during the morning. Therefore, it is interesting to have a breakfast that includes whole fruit or juice, in addition to foods with carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits or cereals. Choosing integral versions of these foods enrich the diet in fiber and vitamin B1, directly related to the functioning of neurons, the cells of the nervous system. The deficiency of this vitamin is related to symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, states of discouragement and depression.

If preferred, the fruit can also be taken as a compote. In this way, it is possible to include different fruits in the same dose, so that breakfast will be very complete from a vitamin point of view. In addition, this can be a very useful option for those who have little time for breakfast or who do not get up with too much appetite, because other foods such as cookies, milk, yogurt or cheeses can be included in this type of compote, so that in a single plate we obtain a complete and vital breakfast.

In this way, the body receives a good dose of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. These nutrients, in part, are also present significantly in vegetables and greens, so a very wise option would be to complete the morning or drink vegetable-based juices throughout the day, which also at this time of year are really refreshing.

Food, essential

At this time the body needs a good dose of complex carbohydrates, which will provide energy for the rest of the day. If pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, pasta soup…), rice, legumes, potatoes or bread are present on the menu, the objective will be achieved. And to make the most of carbohydrates, vitamins are needed, so you can prepare an appetizing spinach lasagna, a vegetable paella or a potato dish accompanied by any type of vegetable that can be completed with a sauce bechamel or cheese to then gratin.

Another good option would be to accompany the second courses with a vegetable garnish, which also improves the organoleptic characteristics of the dish, making it tastier and adding a touch of aroma and color. The dessert can be composed of whole fruit, as in juice, compote, in the form of a fruit salad or in a smoothie, being able to finish the meal if desired with an infusion.

Lighter dinner

To feel strong and vital during the day, it is important to have a good night's sleep. One of the factors that act directly on sleep is the type of diet that is done before going to bed. A light dinner that takes place at least two hours before going to bed helps you fall asleep.

A good way to carry out a dinner of this type would be to have a complete salad that includes any type of plant food, as well as fresh cheese and eggs.

In addition, these salads can also be made up of vegetables that are normally eaten as a first course and hot. Thus we will enjoy an original warm salad, rich in minerals and vitamins. Vegetable puree is another alternative, the more vegetables you include, the greater the ration of regulating nutrients, and the better nourished our nervous system will be.

Let's get used to accompanying different dishes such as omelets, scrambled eggs, fish or sandwiches, made from vegetables. Taking into account the importance of having a restful sleep, a good idea would be to take a relaxing infusion after dinner, which helps to fall asleep, in addition to facilitating digestion.

Some of the foods that provide more energy


Because they contain natural sugars with a low glycemic index, they help fight tiredness and fatigue.

Dark chocolate

It is one of the most delicious foods that give you energy, in addition to having carbohydrates that provide energy, they provide you with antioxidants that help you control blood pressure.


It also has a large amount of potassium, a nutrient that helps keep your cells working, as well as helping you better store the nutrients you get from other foods.


The secret is potassium, a mineral that is found in abundance in bananas and helps to normalize the water balance, in addition to strengthening muscles and improving the general functioning of the body, in fact fatigue is related to low potassium levels .


It is a food that gives you energy practically instantaneously, for this reason it is perfect for breakfast time. They are a natural source of fiber and carbohydrates, mainly lecithin, this means that it is a slow digesting food, therefore the energy load that it provides lasts longer.


Apparently Popeye was right in eating them, these vegetables contain carotenoids and beta-carotene, which improves digestion and the functioning of the muscles.


They are one of the most energetic foods, thanks to their high content of essential fatty acids that your body cannot obtain on its own. Its great advantage over other foods that give you more energy is that its effects are practically instantaneous, thanks to its mix of nutrients such as fiber and protein.


They are undoubtedly the kings of protein, these are responsible for the proper functioning of the muscles, so it is recommended to consume them after or before making any great effort to give your body that punch it needs.

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