The Japanese story of bamboo that teaches us to overcome the adversity of life

The Japanese story of bamboo that teaches us to overcome the adversity of life

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In life we ​​all have our ups and downs, our joys and sorrows. In these alternations there are difficult moments when they feel like being inside a dark and endless tunnel, discouragement comes, the feeling that everything is lost and, as much as we try, things do not work out, which leads us to believe that everything is in order. Let's go! These times demand tenacity, endurance and patience of us: virtues necessary to face and overcome the complicated stages of our lives. And that goes against the lessons we can learn from the history of bamboo.

Did you know that bamboo has many virtues that we can use as teachings for our lives? And do these virtues teach us about the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity?

The Japanese history of bamboo

Once upon a time, there were two farmers who, walking through the market, saw some seeds they did not know. Then the seller was asked what seeds they were and he only replied that they came from the East and that they were very special.

The seller did not reveal what seeds they were, the two farmers were left without that answer. Meanwhile, the merchant told them that if they bought them and planted them, giving them only water and fertilizers, they would find out for themselves.

The two farmers bought the seeds and planted them, following the seller's suggestion.

A while passed and nothing happened while other plants were already blooming and bearing fruit.

One of the farmers complained that the seeds were a scam and from that moment he stopped sowing those seeds and neglected to plant them.

The other farmer stood his ground and insisted on taking care of the seeds and fertilizing them, although they did not sprout.

That was the case for a time, to the point that even the most tenacious and persistent farmer began to lose heart and want to give up seeds. But one fine day, he finally saw a bamboo appear.

Thereafter, in 6 weeks, the plants reached a height of 30 meters and this was due to the fact that during the dormant period, the bamboo was generating, internally in the soil, a strong, consolidated, united and articulated root system , thanks to which this plant becomes strong and resistant, having a productive, useful, durable and long existence.

What else does bamboo teach us?

In the most difficult moments, when we do not understand why we are experiencing them, we need to develop the virtues of bamboo and the lessons it teaches us by practicing patience, perseverance, endurance and faith in life.

Here are some life lessons that bamboo teaches us:

Firmness and flexibility

Bamboo teaches us that without establishing roots we feel lost, and although it requires a lot of effort, it is essential to dedicate ourselves and work to be whole, firm, prosperous and long-lasting, to have a solid and solid foundation and, therefore, like bamboo, we we will keep upright, but at the same time flexible to deal with the gusts of life, otherwise, metaphorically saying, we will be leaves blowing or breaking!

Humility and Adaptability

This plant gives us an example of humility because, in the face of winds and storms, it bends but does not break, because its strong roots are its origin and base, which helps it to adapt with humility to storms and changes in life. .

One with the whole

Although bamboo is thin and light, it remains upright, cohesive, firm and strong in the face of changes and adverse weather.

Bamboos share the same source of life as their roots, so they contribute to the preservation of the other.

Preserve the essence with internal emptiness

Internally, the bamboo is empty and that gives it the lightness to swing and not break, so let's follow the example of the bamboo, staying light in life and stopping filling our interior with unnecessary weights.

Seek to get up

Bamboo always heads up. Let us take advantage of his teaching by lifting our heads and remembering to lift our thoughts.

Be simple and stripped

Without having large leafy branches and huge trunks, bamboo is very simple and stripped down, teaching us that we don't need much to be happy, what matters is being ourselves with our authenticity.

Another teaching of bamboo is the inevitable alternation of opposites in our lives, and like bamboo, we must face them with simplicity, resignation and lucidity.

The Bamboo Lesson Experience

Like bamboo, we can develop and improve in the face of “opposites” through the alternations between darkness and light, activity and passivity, birth and death, restlessness and stillness, success and failure, “after all, we live in a dual world!

May these lessons be useful to you and help you handle life's experiences with the same wisdom as our teacher and plant friend Bamboo!

By Deise Aur, article in Portuguese

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