Documentary: Sugar Addiction

Documentary: Sugar Addiction

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Sugar is a disaccharide -sucrose- formed by a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule that our body needs, since glucose is the brain's food and provides energy immediately, although its effect lasts for a short time.

So why are high-sugar products said to be empty calories? The reason is because they do not provide any nutrients. “This happens because when we get used to obtaining energy easily and quickly, the body becomes unaccustomed to working for it. So we want more and more. The correct thing is to start practicing the slowest way to obtain it, through the consumption of more complex carbohydrates, in which glucose is released slowly "

Signs that indicate if you are addicted

Explained why sugar generates addiction, we must bear in mind that there are some indicators that can alert us to whether we are addicted, according to Guerrico:

  • There is a daily compulsive consumption of sugary products.
  • We plan the purchase of sweets.
  • We substitute healthier foods for sweets, such as juices instead of fruits, for example.

How Much Sugar Is Enough?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not consuming more than 5% of the total daily intake in the form of free or added sugars. This is equivalent to consuming no more than 25 g of free or added sugar per day for adults.

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