F-84E Thunderjet

The F-84E incorporated significant changes over prior models. Foremost was the fuselage extension wherein the fuselage was lengthened 15 inches at station 157½. Although other sources state the extension was 10, 12, or 13 inches, it was, in fact, 15 inches; see Fuselage Extension page. This extension is visible in many subtle external differences between the short "early" and long "late" model Thunderjets. Among these differences are changes in the shape of the fuselage to upper leading edge wing fairing panel, completely different panels from wing leading edge to station 87, canopy lengthened by 8 inches, canopy frame lengthened by 12 inches, and a 3-inch fuselage "splice" panel inserted aft of the canopy frame. The difference in canopy length from early to late Thunderjets is nearly impossible to detect from photographs, especially before the canopy bracing was retrofitted to the early models.

Another change to the -E models, especially significant to service mechanics, was the addition of the canopy access port. This was added in response to complaints from field service personnel about unsatisfactory access for required maintenance to equipment under the aft portion of the canopy.

As with many aircraft projects, weight gain plagued the Thunderjet; the F-84E gained another 95 pounds weight.

Indentification Features:
The definitive identification for the E-model Thunderjet is a combination of the pitot tube mounted about 80% of the distance down from the top of the intake splitter to accomodate the Sperry radar for the gunsight, and no auxiliary intake "suck-in" doors in the forward fuselage. Note that the early G-models also did not have the auxiliary intake doors (the doors were installed on the production line starting with block 10), but extant information indicates that all G-models were retrofitted with these doors.

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F-84E-?-RE -- FS-023. Photo courtesy of E.J. Boss.

F-84E-?-RE -- FS-360. Photo courtesy of E.J. Boss.

F-84E-?-RE -- 49-2299. Photo courtesy of E.J. Boss.

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F-84E 49-2348. Photo by Greg Spahr.

F-84E FS-17, Belgian Air Force. Photo courtesy of Joćo Vidal.

F-84E TP-25, Netherlands Air Force. Photo by Guido Van Roy.

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