The plants that should not be missing in your garden to attract bees

The plants that should not be missing in your garden to attract bees

Bees are the base of the animal and human food chain and for this reason they have been declared essential on this planet.

The problem is that they are in danger of extinction due to problems such as the indiscriminate use of pesticides, climate change and deforestation.

It is therefore urgent to take measures to avoid this possible catastrophe. We can all do something, for example, plant in your garden, species that are attractive to bees.

A garden designed for bees

We humans are also individuals, part of an ecological community, we can take responsibility for this matter and start a garden with pollinating plants.

You don't need a large space, some of these plants can be grown in containers, on balconies and terraces. It is possible to reuse wooden bins and drawers… it would not even be necessary to buy plants, you can share segments with your neighbors.

These are some recommended plants

The following list of plants is made up of exotic ornamental species for some places, so we recommend you look for the native species of your place, they will provide better conditions for bees.

  • Calendula

This flower is widely used in orchards and gardens, it spreads easily and also has medicinal uses for skin care. In some latitudes it can survive all year round. Its flowering is more intense in the cool months.

  • Clovers

Clovers, in addition to functioning as showy ground covers due to their yellow, pink, and white flowers, provide nitrogen to the earth for the benefit of other plants.

  • Rosemary

It is one of the most resistant bushy aromatic plants and is part of the basic medicinal kit. With lilac flowers, it likes full sun and does not need too many waterings.

  • Thyme

Another aromatic to have in the garden for its medicinal properties and aroma. Its growth is rather creeping so it can be used on the edges of beds.

  • Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular aromatic shrubs in the world. Its gray foliage and violet flowers stand out in any orchard or garden. The bees love it!

  • Tagete or Copete

Widely used in orchards to accompany tomatoes due to its nematicidal properties, it also attracts pollinators for its colors ranging from yellow to orange. Easy to grow during spring and summer.

  • Zinia

It is a multi-colored plant, pink, orange, red, violet that also attracts butterflies to the garden. It reproduces very easily from season to season.

Video: Perennial Plants for Pollinators by Tagawa Gardens (October 2020).