Five apps that can help you adopt sustainable lifestyle habits

Five apps that can help you adopt sustainable lifestyle habits

There are many ways to go green, but not all are equally easy. Fortunately, some apps and new gamified approaches can help you adopt sustainable lifestyles. Here are five apps out of hundreds that stand out. These and many other examples show that going green is not necessarily a difficult thing to do. Hopefully, they will inspire many more people to change their habits for the sake of a better world.

Assuming you've just decided to live more sustainably but are still not sure where to start, this app is a perfect starting point to build on. Explaining the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the app offers concrete suggestions on why each of those goals is important and how you can personally help bring them to life. Packed with helpful tips, sustainability news, and collaboration-focused design, the app stands out for its simplicity and usefulness.

While trying to go plastic neutral may not be feasible, reducing your plastic footprint certainly is. Especially if you can take promises, know the impacts of your actions, track your progress, and find out how other people around the world are working to live plastic-free. Being one of the most popular sustainable lifestyle apps to date, it is also one of the most informative and useful.

Restaurants often have food scraps that they throw away at the end of the day. Too Good to Go users are busy collecting food at discount prices across Europe. By helping to address the global challenge of food waste, the app also offers a gamified way to compete for the greater good. With more than 6 million users and 15,000 locations, the application has an impact on a global scale. Both Android and iOS versions available.

Sometimes staying focused can be beneficial not only for you, but for the planet as well. Rewarding you with practically planted trees for the time you spend off the phone while the app is running also allows you to support tree planting in real life once you collect enough points. With a premise as simple as that, the app has helped plant more than 540,000 trees to date, and the number grows as soon as you reload the page.

Have you ever dreamed of an application that helps you make the right decisions? Here's one with all the information packed into a visually appealing interface and intuitive framework. With over 250,000 real food products, the app rates them on various aspects of sustainability throughout the supply chain, including the environmental impacts of production, ingredients used, processing, and distribution. While the app would benefit from slightly more detailed product descriptions, it is still a wonderful database for making an informed and conscious decision.

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