Glyphosate will be banned in Germany from 2023

Glyphosate will be banned in Germany from 2023

The use of the herbicide glyphosate has an expiration date. Before that date, its use in public spaces and private gardens will be partially restricted.

The German government, after analyzing the situation of glyphosate in the country, has decided to progressively ban its use as part of a series of environmental protection measures approved on Wednesday, September 4.

The German government's decision responds to various citizen initiatives to reduce the use of chemicals that are potentially harmful to health. Various companies producing this type of agrochemicals and some farmers' organizations have already manifested themselves, considering the alternatives for weed control not very viable.

What Bayer-Monsanto says about it

"We criticize the decision of the German Government to phase out glyphosate until the end of 2023"said Liam Condon, a member of the Board of Directors of Bayer, current owner of Monsanto. According to this opinion, the decision of the German government, "It does not take into account the scientific judgment, over several decades, of independent regulatory bodies around the world, that glyphosate is safe when used correctly", according to a Bayer spokesman in a statement.

The opinion of the chemical company contrasts with various scientific studies published in recent years in which the use of glyphosate products is linked to various health problems in humans and significant negative effects on the environment, including the massive death of pollinating insects like bees.

Situation in other European countries

Austria became on July 2 the first EU member to approve the ban - in this case immediate - on the use of glyphosate. In addition, there are restrictions for this product in the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands. France plans to phase it out by 2023.

At the end of 2017, the European Union approved a renewal of the glyphosate use permit for a period of five years, that is, until the end of 2022.

The decision now approved by Angela Merkel's government, the result of intense debate even within her own party, tries not to explicitly contradict EU regulations on this issue.

Without reaching total elimination, in a first phase glyphosate will be banned in 2020 in public parks and private gardens. The use of these herbicides will also be restricted or prohibited in protected natural areas and when it may affect rivers and lakes.

Source: La Vanguardia

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