A hotel in space for a closer look at the stars

A hotel in space for a closer look at the stars

Soon the stars will be closer than you ever imagined: this will be the first spaceport to host a five-star hotel and it will be ready in 2025.

Few people have been able to admire and feel the immensity of the universe up close, either through a spacesuit or through a small robot that sends constant images of the landscapes of the galaxy or other planets.

But the vast majority, with more or less privileged views, watch the sky waiting for the stars to reveal their brightness at night.

The Gateway Foundation evaluated that one of the experiences most desired by people is being able to take a trip to space; get lost for a moment in the immensity of the universe, experience that silence and observe the Earth from a distant point.

With that goal in mind, the foundation developed the Von Braun Space Station project; a rotating station (like a Ferris wheel) that will function as a space hotel, which will have a gym, kitchen, restaurant, bar and individual rooms such as villas or suites.

A comfortable hotel for a great experience

The space hotel will be in the shape of a huge wheel that will be composed of two rings linked by stabilizing arms to keep guests in place, who will have access to the station through pressurized tubes that will connect the inner ring to the outer ring.

This space hotel will be in orbit in 2025 and it will not only be a luxurious space that will provide the best service for the comfort of guests, but it will also be a connection between human curiosity and the universe.

It will be a new way of being close to the stars, knowing a part of the universe, seeing the movement of the Earth and guaranteeing that millions of people can live one of the best experiences that humanity has created.

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