The best foods to keep your teeth healthy

The best foods to keep your teeth healthy

To prevent cavities and keep your teeth white and healthy, what you eat and how often you eat it are important factors.

Changes in your mouth chemistry start the moment you eat certain foods. Bacteria in your mouth convert the sugars in the food you eat into acids, and it is the acids that begin to attack the enamel of your teeth, starting the decay process.

Here is the list of the best foods (and drinks) to keep your teeth healthy:


High in phosphate and calcium, cheese helps balance the pH in the mouth, killing bacteria and preserving tooth enamel. This prevents cavities and gum disease.

Sugar-free gum with xylitol

Xylitol is currently used to sweeten some chewing gum, candy, and sweets, and unlike sugar, it is good for teeth. It is a sweet that is found in many fruits and plants, although it is also produced by our body during metabolism.

Sugar replacement is helpful because it prevents harmful bacteria in plaque from metabolizing sugar, thus generating harmful acids that degrade tooth enamel. In other words, it's the anti-sugar - it does the exact opposite of what sucrose can do, which is to feed bacteria.


Apples prevent the formation of cavities and increase the production of saliva in the mouth. The minerals and vitamins in the apple improve the overall health of our teeth. Eat an apple daily to ensure clean teeth.


Vitamins C, D, and calcium in oranges are said to be good for keeping teeth healthy. Orange juice prevents tooth decay by killing harmful bacteria and cleaning your mouth naturally. Since orange juice is acidic in nature, it is recommended to floss and brush your teeth after consuming it.

Raw vegetables like celery

Fresh vegetables are good for your teeth because their stringy nature requires chewing, which causes a lot of saliva. Celery is particularly good for teeth because it breaks down into fibrous strands that naturally clean enamel.

Green Tea

Enjoyed for centuries in Asia, green tea contains catechins that kill bacteria that lead to plaque while preventing gum disease and cavities. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria that lead to bad breath.


They have powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds, making them great for oral health. These are strongest when eaten fresh and raw.


A 2004 study found that the fruit had a greater acid neutralizing effect on the tooth surface than other types of fresh fruit.

Shiitake mushrooms

These mushrooms contain lentinan, a natural sugar that prevents oral bacteria from forming plaque.

Sesame seeds

High in calcium, sesame seeds preserve the bone around the teeth and gums. They also help remove plaque while helping build tooth enamel.


Provides healthy casein, calcium and phosphates that remineralize teeth.

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