It's not fire, it's capitalism

It's not fire, it's capitalism

Faced with an unprecedented environmental catastrophe in the Amazon, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the tragedy by stating that “it's fire season"And added, amused:"They used to call me Captain Chainsaw and now I'm Nero setting the Amazon on fire“.

From January to today, 72,843 intermittent outbreaks of forest fires have been registered due to the “development policy” of the Brazilian president for agribusiness and mega-mining.

The fires have a clear message: they expel the original populations from their lands and allow landowners and landowners to become present in areas that were forbidden until years ago.

While the business advances hand in hand with Bolsonaro and his allies, the largest green reserve on the planet continues to burn, and the consequences of the fire are already reaching urban centers.

It is not simply the greed of a right-wing leader, it is a system that encourages the destruction of the environment to increase profits and generate new business.

The ten municipalities in the Amazon that have burned the most are also the most deforested. Together, these localities account for 37% of the fires so far this year and 43% of the total deforestation registered until July. In some cases, the IPAM pointed out, the fire was fired in a controlled manner to clear fields, even in protected areas with human presence, such as indigenous villages or extractive reserves. But the situation goes further: "It is really worrying," acknowledged the Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, in a meeting on climate change in which he was booed while trying to make himself heard.

The Amazon burns, because the fire that destroys everything is called capitalism.

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