These natural pain relievers will ease your headache

These natural pain relievers will ease your headache

Not all headaches are the same, their origins may be different. The main thing is to know its cause, in order to carry out an effective natural treatment.

1. Feverfew

Thefeverfew(Tanacetum parthenium) is par excellence themigraine preventive plant for its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action.

It also contains parthenolide, anatural pain reliever.

Take 500 mg of dry extract dailyreduces the frequency, intensity and vomiting of migraine, although it should not be combined with anticoagulants or aspirin.

2. Chamomile

Another useful plant before the headache it's chamomileMatricaria chamomilla). Owes youranti-inflammatory and sedative effect chamazulene and bisabolol.

It also has flavonoids and coumarins (they protect blood vessels and are analgesic), and bitter substances that facilitate digestion.

As a preventive measure, take two or three herbal teas a day (5-6 flower heads per cup) or 100 to 200 mg of extract daily.

3. Mint and Pennyroyal

Mint infusions (Mentha piperita) and pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) They areeffective in digestive component headache.

Menthol is also a pain reliever- Breathing in the essential oil helps regulate blood flow, which relieves pain.

In themigraine, peppermint can be used as an essential oil to massage the templesthe eye sockets, the nape of the neck and the area behind the ears.

4. Linden, Passionflower Or Lettuce Tea

If the headache is due to nervous tension, the most advisable thing is to take linden, passionflower or a lettuce tea, which have a mild antispasmodic and anxiolytic effect.

To do the lettuce tea some leaves are boiled in a glass of water for two minutes.

5. Lavender

Effective intension headaches.

With two drops ofessential oil In the fingers, massage the temples, the eye sockets, the neck and behind the ears.

6. White willow

The extract of the bark or its decoction relieves all kinds of pain.

In the case of bark extract, the dose is 120 to 240 mg of salicin daily and in the case of its decoction, 3 to 5 g per cup.

It is alsoantispasmodic, febrifuge and digestive tonic.

Vitamins and minerals that help treat headaches

Not only analgesic plants they will help relieve headaches. You can also use vitamin and mineral supplements.

7. Riboflavin or Vitamin B2

Hemental effortcontinued causes headache and riboflavin is key to brain metabolism.

400 mg daily is recommended in a supplement with all B vitamins.

8. Magnesium

Its multiple functions include relaxing the muscles.

It is useful fortreat or prevent migraines and headaches.

Take in doses of 300 to 600 mg daily.

Differences between headaches and migraines

Depending on where it is located, when it is triggered and whether or not other symptoms appear, a distinction is made between:


Persistent and oppressive pain at the back of the skull, although it can be felt on the forehead or around the head.

It worsens throughout the day and can last from half an hour to a week.

It has multiple factors that can induce it:stress, menstrual cycle, gallbladder malfunction, high blood pressure, a cold, eye strain, bad posture or a bad jaw fit.

Migraine or migraine

Severe, throbbing pain on one side of the head, for between a few hours and three days, which improves with rest.

There is usually ahereditary factor And it can be triggered by certain foods or drugs, weather changes, and stress.

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