Use honey as a natural facial cleanser

Use honey as a natural facial cleanser

Using honey to wash your face can be one of the most natural options to take care of your skin.

Honey has many properties, including being a natural exfoliator, so it helps remove dead cells without being as aggressive and abrasive as other natural cleaners made with salt or sugar.

Its moisturizing property is added that leaves the face soft and smooth. As if that were not enough, honey is a natural antiseptic, which helps eliminate toxins from the skin and is very good for treating bacterial acne.

  • Honey is suitable for all skin types.
  • Honey is not suitable for removing makeup.

How to apply skin as a natural cleanser

Protect your hair and clothing. Honey tends to drip a lot, as well as being sticky, so handling can be cumbersome. Therefore, it is best to cover your chest with a size and put your hair in a ponytail. If you have short hair, you can push it away from your face with bobby pins or put on a shower cap.

Wet your face with water. Lower your head and wet your face skin with warm water. This will help the honey dissolve a bit, making it easier for you to spread it all over your face.

Pour a little honey onto the palm of your hand. You will need about 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey. Stir the honey gently with your finger to soften and warm it. If the honey is very thick, you can add a few drops of warm water to dissolve it and facilitate its application.

Massage your face with honey. Spread the honey between your fingers, then gently spread it over the skin in circular motions. Make sure to avoid the sensitive area around the eyes.

Remove the honey using warm water. Squirt some warm water on your face and gently massage your skin with your fingers until the honey is completely removed.

If you have blackheads and want to thoroughly cleanse your pores, allow the honey to act for five to ten minutes before rinsing it off.

Dry your face. Use a clean, soft towel to pat your face dry. Don't rub the towel over your face, as your skin could become irritated.

Consider completing your facial care by applying toner to moisturizer. The moisturizing cream or lotion will help retain needed moisture, and the toner will help rebalance the skin's natural pH, as well as tighten pores.

Video: DIY Homemade Honey Face Wash (October 2020).