Caña con rue to celebrate Pachamama Day

Caña con rue to celebrate Pachamama Day

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Why do you drink cane with rue?

The origin of this tradition is the fear that the Guaraní people felt in the face of torrential rains and cold winter days, fears that they began to conjure at the beginning of the last century, preparing spells and concoctions.

Among the latter came the one that is prepared with white cane, or Paraguayan cane, to which they add male rue, with large leaves, or female rue, with thicker and smaller leaves.

The custom of having a drink of cane and rue on the first day of August is a tradition of Guarani origin that first took root in the northeastern Argentine provinces, but which over time spread throughout the north of the country.

This custom, which coincides with Pachamama Day, which is celebrated every August 1, and is so strong that in northern bars and confectioneries, and even in hotels, they prepare this drink to give to customers, either in the first minutes of the first of August or with breakfast in the morning.

Popular belief affirms that this concoction has the power to immunize the diseases of August, while the “doñas” from the north advise to prepare it a few days before, rubbing the leaves and twigs of rue between their hands, which are then left to marinate inside. of the cane bottle.

It is known that in the northeast of the country, lOlder people swear that cane with rue prolongs life, they scare away bad luck, promote joys, and strip people of bad houses. It is a mixture of Paraguayan white cane or gin with deruda leaves, a herb classified as medicinal for its excellent effects on the digestive system and also on the circulatory system.

There are not a few who prepare the cane with rue since August 1 of the previous year, and take it on the same date, 365 days later. According to legend, whoever drinks this preparation prevents illnesses, but also feels good.

LThe mixture is drunk on an empty stomach, preferably at dawn and its purpose is for protection. Is a homemade and ancestral medicine to improve health and attract good luck, but also works as a dewormer. It is taken in three sips, seven sips or in one long drink.

Ritual of La Pachamama: steps to be followed

The Pachamama ritual has some steps that you must follow to perform them according to the beliefs of ancestral civilizations:

  • Drink numbers must be odd (three or seven)
  • It is better to drink it with friends or family.
  • It is ideal to ingest this drink in the morning and on an empty stomach.

For those who do not arrive by August 1, August, they can be invited by a person who has already been “cured” –that is, they took their measurement in the morning and on an empty stomach– without even having to fast and have time to comply the ritual until August 15.

Recipe for Cane with Rue

To prepare the cane with rue, the male rue is generally used, which has the widest leaves, because it is attributed greater properties and a more intense aroma.

It is prepared in advance to macerate: you buy a bottle of cane, put some rue leaves inside, close it and keep it. The ideal is to prepare it exactly on August 1 of the previous year and after 12 months of maceration, serve it to loved ones so that they have a good year.

They can be prepared with some flavors that soften the harshness of the alcohol by adding peach or citrus peels to remove even a bit of the bitter and unpleasant taste that this drink usually has. Another option is to add a cinnamon stick, cloves, anise, or another dressing to the bottle when preparing it.

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