Airfare could increase in value to offset carbon emissions

Airfare could increase in value to offset carbon emissions

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British ministers hope the planned taxes will make the public more aware of the climate damage caused by flights.

Airfare could be increased by having to pay an additional “carbon charge” as part of a government initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

Passengers could choose to pay more for travel tickets, which would then be used to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Or the scheme could work in the form of “opt-out” and also apply to trains, buses and ferries.

The ministers hope the plans will raise awareness about the effects of public transport on the environment. The additional funds could be used to spearhead green projects, such as planting trees to reduce the carbon footprint.

The government said it hoped that the initiative to increase the price of air tickets "will drive consumers' choices towards cleaner travel options."

However, Transportation Secretary Chris Grayling launched a request for evidence to offset the carbon emissions produced by public transportation. Additionally, the government has expressed concern that consumers may not trust their payments to support worthy causes.

Grayling said Thursday: “Climate change affects each of us and we are committed to ensuring that transportation plays its part in delivering net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“An offset scheme could help inform travelers about the amount of carbon their trip produces and provide the opportunity to fund plans, such as planting trees, to offset those emissions. However, our focus remains the development, production and use of zero-emission technology in all modes of transport. "

A report from the Department of Transportation said: "One way to increase acceptance could be to follow an opt-out model instead of opting for it, whereby the cost of offsetting carbon emissions would automatically be included for consumers."

Last year, a third of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions came from transport alone.

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