9 ways to make coffee good for your health

9 ways to make coffee good for your health

Ask anyone you know and you will probably find that they consider coffee an essential part of their diet. Not only does it keep us on our toes, but most of us have gotten so used to our favorite beverage that we can't function without it. While it has inherent health benefits, we can certainly go overboard with the amount of additives we put in our morning cup.


Many of us drink at least one cup of coffee a day, but we often don't consider how we can make caffeine routines healthier. Want to start your day with an energy boost that's good for you, too? Keep reading.


There is a reason why some people drink their coffee black. While Starbucks makes murder out of all the milk, sugar and syrups they pour into their drinks, the secret to a healthy cup of "Joe" is to keep it simple.

If you want to reduce your calories, taking them black is your best option. Without additional additives, you will enjoy it in its purest form; This ensures that you eat less than 10 calories with each 8-ounce (225-gram) cup.

However, jumping from your favorite drink to a freshly brewed area can be a bit difficult if you are used to ordering sweet drinks. The taste will be bitter at first, but your taste buds can learn to adapt to the taste of this simple drink.


If you can safely consume nut milk, almond milk must be your coffee's best friend. This milk is your healthiest option when it comes to finding a dairy alternative for your coffee.

Compared to whole milk, almond milk will bring your daily dose to less than 100 calories per serving.

Coffee lovers who are not used to drinking almond milk will find that, although its consistency is slightly thinner, its taste is relatively similar to that of normal milk. If you want to add extra flavor to your drink, consider trying the different varieties of almond milk. However, keep in mind that most flavors are not sugar-free.

Some people who really stick to drinking almond milk want to make their own. Doing this will definitely make your cup that much healthier. With some soaked almonds, filtered water, and lots of patience, you'll have your own almond milk.


The word "artificial" should not be included in the same sentence as your cream. Made with lots of artificial additives and lots of sugar, these creams are one of the worst things you should include in your drink. Although you may not notice all of these unhealthy additions while drinking your morning cup of tea, your body certainly will.

The false flavors that are part of so many creams may smell like the real ones, but they certainly are not. Many of these creams contain chemicals that are responsible for the taste as well as the shelf life of these products. Filled with mold inhibitors, such as dipotassium phosphate and sodium stearoyl lactylate, these creams have little or no healthful qualities.

If you're determined to buy a dairy-free cream, do your best to avoid generic brands. Do your research and find raw organic creams that are made with your health in mind.


We understand your desire to run to your local coffee shop and have your favorite beverage. It's quick, easy, and tastes great. However, if you are looking for a drink that is both convenient and healthy, you don't have to look beyond your own kitchen. Sure, you'll have to press a few buttons and even grind your own beans, but the payoff is well worth it.

When you make your own coffee for health benefits, you know exactly what is going into your cup. While your favorite coffee shop may advertise that their own drinks are healthy and environmentally friendly, there really is no way of knowing what exactly is included in their drinks.

Plus, when you're trying to cut calories, hitting your favorite local coffee shop can be too tempting. When you're at home with nothing but the machine and beans, it's pretty hard to pack on extra calories.

Also, once you start crafting your own java, you are in control of the beans you use. With certified organic beans, you can trust the beans to be free of harmful chemicals or pesticides.


Cinnamon and coffee are one of the best duos of all time. This flavor combination is heaven for your taste buds and is also a great way to boost the health benefits of your morning cup. If you miss the taste of your favorite coffee drink, a little cinnamon will help ease the pain.

According to experts, cinnamon can reduce any inflammation in the body. Additionally, adding cinnamon is also thought to improve your heart health and is known to help stabilize your body's blood sugar.

While you're spicing up your mug with cinnamon, don't go overboard. Certain adverse side effects can occur with too much cinnamon. Just a few dashes of this spice is all you need.


For whatever reason, when we think "healthy," we automatically banish any fun foods from our minds. Fortunately, that is not the case with chocolate.

While chocolate can be a little too sweet at times, combining the right kind of chocolate with your drink will make the caffeine that much more exciting. When looking for the best chocolate to add to your mug, it is best to go with unsweetened dark chocolate or cocoa. In moderation, these chocolate additions have amazing health benefits.

Regular consumption of unsweetened dark chocolate or cocoa can help prevent cancer and balance cholesterol. Similarly, the double hit of caffeine and chocolate allows for higher productivity and faster response rates.

In addition to the caffeine boost that chocolate provides, it can also help reduce any of the negative effects of caffeine. If you often feel nervous or anxious after consuming caffeine, adding chocolate can help reduce these anxiety-inducing effects.

That's good news for mocha lovers everywhere.


This buttery trend, known to its fans as Bulletproof coffee, took off a few years ago.

You can make your own Bulletproof drink by adding unsalted butter to your morning motivational mug. This crazy mix will boost your energy, without adding cream or sugar.

Essentially, you will be making a latte with this Bulletproof method. All you need is butter and an immersion blender to make your first batch.

In addition to being cream-free, this Bulletproof recipe is known to trigger weight loss through ketosis, ward off cravings, and increase cognitive function. This is due, in part, to the number of calories in butter.


Sipping your daily caffeinated drink before eating anything may seem like a quick way to start your day, but in reality, it's incredibly unhealthy.

Getting into the habit of consuming caffeine with nothing in your stomach can damage your stomach lining and cause caffeine-related anxiety to increase dramatically.

Plus, consuming caffeine on an empty stomach can force you to vomit, and no one wants to start their day that way. Although it may require a bit of extra effort, be sure to take a bite before you start taking your daily dose. This will help you stay healthy and alert for the rest of the day.


These golden lattes are on Instagram and in the trendiest cafes in your city. This bright yellow drink is packed with health benefits, thanks to its number one ingredient: turmeric.

The turmeric in latte is what makes this drink so magical. This spice can boost your immunity as it is loaded with antioxidants. Similarly, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help fight joint pain and inflammation.

Golden lattes are also believed to increase your cognitive function. The ingredients in these lattes help preserve your memory and even prevent you from developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

In addition to turmeric, golden lattes often contain ginger and cinnamon, which also have powerful antioxidant properties.


While many of us turn to our favorite caffeinated drink to wake up each morning. Coffee can be used to really take advantage of most of its benefits. It is best to take the drink apart and keep it simple.

Don't detract from the wonderful health benefits of your coffee by piling on unnecessary calories and unhealthy additives. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and have a cleaner cup of coffee, be sure to keep these 9 tips in mind.

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