To be copied: Costa Rica declares biological literacy of national interest

To be copied: Costa Rica declares biological literacy of national interest

The president of the Central American country, Carlos Alvarado, approved a decree declaring an initiative to identify biodiversity of general interest, which teaches the population to read and care for the forest and aspires to become "a model for the world."

For more than 30 years, the Guanacaste Conservation Area from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the National System of Conservation Areas, has been promoting this research program called BioAlfa.

“Wild biodiversity has been an irrationally exploited resource and little used in an integral way. By generating knowledge about it, it can be conserved, appreciated, used and sustainably integrated into the country's socio-economic matrix like any other public good, ”explained Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Minister of Environment and Technology.

And he added that "creating sensitivity and awareness of the need to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity is an important part of the philosophy" of the programs.

Now that the decree has been signed by the Costa Rican Government, the project will be developed throughout the country for 10 years, with the help of international partners, in order to bio-literate the population by teaching them to read and take care of the forest and in this way be role models for the rest of the world in this regard.

The environmental education program will help to strengthen scientific development and to publicize and identify the wild biodiversity of Costa Rica, mainly its taxonomy, biology and ecology.

BioAlfa uses biotechnological tools for genetic analysis of the barcodes of life, to identify species and the use of information and communication technologies to manage, analyze and disseminate massive data on biodiversity.

The information generated will be part of the Biodiversity Information and Knowledge Management Platform, declared of public interest for Costa Rica.


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