Using clothes without ironing, a new campaign against global warming

Using clothes without ironing, a new campaign against global warming

A new environmental campaign proposes not to iron clothes anymore, around 300 thousand people have already joined on social networks.

The new viral campaign that circulates on social networks proposes not to iron clothes anymore and show them off with their wrinkles.

The proposal arises from several non-governmental organizations that promote the protection of the environment and that consider it justifiable to reduce the use of the iron.

Voices for and against have manifested in the same social networks in which the campaign has grown to avoid the use of the iron.

"When using wrinkled or better clothes that have not been ironed, it is understood that the implement that wasted energy unnecessarily was not used and therefore it is absolutely justifiable."

The way of dressing "shows care, that there is a commitment to oneself, self-esteem, that one has clean clothes, while a person with wrinkled clothes shows carelessness, that one does not have affection.

But as always, fashions generate absurdities, on the Internet, recognized brands offer garments that already look wrinkled from the factory and whose cost can exceed 150 thousand pesos.

Those who promote the campaign for the use of clothes with wrinkles, emphasize that if a home is not ironed, it is as if seven trees were planted or the impact of the gases produced by seven vehicles was reduced, thus generating oxygen for a person during seven hours. Consuming less energy is fashionable.

Indicative consumption of some electrical appliances

Household appliance
Average power
(in Watt)
Consumption in an hour
2200 frigories F / C Air Conditioning13501013
3500 frigories F / C Air Conditioning21501613
Vacuum cleaner12001200
Hand blender300300
1/2 HP water pump380380
3/4 HP water pump570570
Electric filter coffee maker900900
Small fan heater w / thermostat15001500
Generic cell phone charger55
Computer (CPU only)400400
3-candle halogen stove w / thermostat15001500
Quartz stove w / thermostat15001500
Refrigerator with freezer20090
25 to 30 liter electric oven w / thermostat15001500
11W energy saving lamp1111
15W energy saving lamp1515
20W energy saving lamp2020
100W halogen lamp100100
40W halogen lamp4040
60W halogen lamp6060
5kg Automated Washing Machine. w / water heating2500875
5kg Automated Washing Machine.500175
Semi-automatic washing machine of 5kg.20080
Dishwasher for 12 place settings15001125
Hand or stand blender600600
Microwave oven800640
19 ”LED monitor2222
Medium electric radiator w / thermostat15001500
DVD Player1515
Hair dryer20002000
Heat dryers950950
Centrifugal dryer380380
21 ”fluorescent tube color television7575
25 ”fluorescent tube color television155155
29 "to 34" color fluorescent tube television175175
40 ”LCD TV180180
24 ”LED TV4040
Electric water heater w / thermostat15001500
18W fluorescent tube1818
36W fluorescent tube3636
58W fluorescent tube5858
Ceiling fan6060
Standing fans9090
Vitroconvector 54 x 57cm w / thermostat10001000
Vitroconvector 86 x 58cm w / thermostat20002000

Source: ENRE (own elaboration)

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