The best natural remedies for the eyes

The best natural remedies for the eyes

Eye conditions can be very annoying, from simple tearing or irritation to conjunctivitis can be treated with gentle natural means.

Plant baths

Mix a handful of chamomile with elderflower, rose of Alexandria, rue and cornflower. Put two level tablespoons of the mixture in a quart of water and boil for two minutes. Let it rest for five minutes and strain it. Apply two warm, soaked cottons or gauze over the eyes and press lightly with your fingers. The application is repeated five times.

A decoction of cornflower flowers can also be used on the eyes in the form of compresses, eye baths or drops, witch hazel in the form of compresses or washes, and a decoction of San Roque grass in the event that the conjunctival mucosa presents rye.

Eyebright washes

It is applied externally from an infusion with 50 grams of dried plant per liter of water. For washes, the liquid should go from the temple to the nose, allowing it to enter the eye during the tour.

Eye drops with Saint Lucia

Commelina erecta also known as Santa Lucia or Chicken Grass is known for its healing properties in the eyes, for conjunctivitis the mucilaginous and transparent drops that are found in the involucre bract and in the calyx of the flower are used.

Parsley juice

An oral juice that combines carrot, celery and parsley improves vision and acts on the eyes and the optic nerve.

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