What is the "strawberry moon" that will be seen tonight in the sky?

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It is about the full moon, which this year will occur on the night of Monday, June 17.

During the course of the year, the full moon phase, depending on the month, takes different names. There is a moon full of wolf blood, one of snow, one of flowers and that we will talk about in this note: "the strawberry moon."

Why "strawberry moon"?

The full moon of June was for the first time called "strawberry moon" by the indigenous tribes of eastern North America (The Algoquianas), who after the sign of this moon began the tasks of collecting wild strawberries. It is also known as the "honeymoon" and, in Europe, as the pink full moon.

From its natural elements, naming the moon is an ancient beauty that various peoples adopted around the world. Luckily many of these names are remembered to this day and also many people continue to remember the dates to escape and be able to see these beautiful cosmic events in the sky.

Seeing this “strawberry moon” on the night of June 17 is a way of keeping ancient traditions alive, which link us to time in another, perhaps more primordial way. So we recommend you see this show with a ritual involved, even one that links you to its ancient meaning. Why don't you go to the forest and enjoy some strawberries, which are much more delicious because they are in season?

Or see it for the sheer pleasure of looking at the moon, which always reminds us that we are universal beings, and as a way to preserve history.

Here is a list of the most common names that the Algoquians gave to the full moon in the different months of the year (we clarify that the names were placed in the northern hemisphere, so they do not coincide with the times of the year, nor the customs of the southern hemisphere)

MonthName of the moonWhy this name?
JanuaryWolf moonThe hungry wolf packs rose through the night
FebruarySnow moonMore abundant snowfall in the middle of winter
MarchWorm moonEarly spring, worms begin to appear (and the robins that eat them!)
AprilPink moonBlooming of one of the spring flowers called, "mossy rose" (also known as phlox wild moss), which appeared and spread everywhere.
mayFlower moonFlowers abounded during this month of the year
JuneStrawberry moonThe strawberries were ready for harvest and consumption
JulyAntelope moonThe antelopes began to show new horns and began to cover themselves with velvety skin.
AugustSturgeon moonSturgeon is a large fish found in the Great Lakes and is easy to catch during this time of year.
SeptemberHarvest moonIn the light of the harvest moon, farmers were able to continue harvesting long after sundown
OctoberHunters moonHunters hunted their prey under the moonlight, thus storing food for the coming winter.
NovemberBeaver moonTime to set beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm fur during winter.
DecemberCold moonLegacy of cold winter

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