Depression, cavities, Alzheimer's, the damage of cola drinks.

Depression, cavities, Alzheimer's, the damage of cola drinks.

Researchers warned that half of the content of cola drinks (Coca Cola or Pepsi) is sugar and "under normal conditions a human being cannot ingest this amount because he would vomit"

In March of this year theUNAM warned about the intake of the popular soft drinkTail, which emerged in a distant 1886 as a syrup that helped health because "it was good for digestion and provided energy", when mentioning that, at present, it can cause overweight, diabetes, kidney stones, asthma, disqualification, anemia , depression, poor digestion, cavities and evenAlzheimer's.

The investigation also detailed that half of the content of the drink is sugar and "under normal conditions a human being cannot ingest this amount becausewould vomit. For this reason, phosphoric acid was added, a harmful substance that neutralizes the sweet taste and makes it possible to drink it ”.

Originally, it had coca (an endemic plant from Peru) and cola (brought from Africa), but in the United States they banned them because they are considered addictive. The drink contained a total of seven substances, which is why the formula was called 7X. Among others, it had natural caramel to give it color, but since it was an expensive ingredient they omitted it, and it was sought to imitate its flavor through chemicals that were more dangerous than the originals.

Phosphoric acid causes bone demineralization, which does not allow adequate absorption of calcium, weakens the bones and leads to osteoporosis and cavities.

Soda has also been associated with the production of kidney stones, and is a very powerful antioxidant, which is why it is used in industrial plants and homes to clean bathrooms and unclog pipes.

"In addition, the combination of this acid with sugar causes difficulty in absorbing iron, which could lead to anemia, a greater willingness to contract infections, especially in children, the elderly and pregnant women", details the extensive report in the Gazette.

Regarding obesity levels, the UNAM detailed that the levels of sugar to be ingestedCoca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola or Red-Colathey increase rapidly in the blood, which causes an enormous secretion of insulin so that sugars are not digested and are transformed into fat and in the subsequent appearance of overweight and obesity.

As for light cola soft drinks, the university academic, Laura Moreno Altamirano, a researcher at the Department of Public Health of the UNAM School of Medicine, pointed out that they are very harmful, and if consumed in large quantities they would cause brain damage, loss memory, mental confusion, Alzheimer's, damage to the retina and the nervous system.

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