5th June. Environment Day. A day to meditate

5th June. Environment Day. A day to meditate

Every year, for too many now, in the specialized media and in some others as well, a few words are published referring to World Environment Day, which is celebrated every June 5. For now there is not much to celebrate, but rather to meditate, on a day that reminds us of how badly humanity has done and continues to do many things in environmental matters.

In general, the growth of awareness about environmental issues is undeniable. No more than 30 years ago it would have been difficult to imagine an environmental day with the participation of millions of people, holding marches and all kinds of events in the main cities of the five continents. However, we all get it.

June 5 is unfortunately still a day that reminds us of everything bad about the Human being. It is a day to be angry with those who are destroying our house just for money, to improve their quality of life that has long been unbeatable, or just to accumulate greater profits.

For now, June 5 is not the Day of celebration for the Environment. But we will continue to strive to make it so.

Because if there is much more money and resources available to safeguard financial institutions or large companies, than to stop the monstrously accelerated loss of biodiversity that we are experiencing, if the capricious fluctuations of the stock markets are more important than the disappearance of the Eternal snows, glaciers and even the ice at the poles, where 98% of the fresh water reserves of our planet accumulate, we are failing in something.

The Human Being has spent many thousands of years inventing tools and all kinds of things that make life more comfortable and simple. But at some point, that incessant search for comfort began to collide with the limits of nature, against environmental sustainability.

At the beginning of the times of Man, it was not necessary to take into account the environmental cost of their activities, since this was negligible and after all it was about survival. Later, when the environmental cost became more and more significant, it was decided to ignore it because few knew about it, because progress was more important and because greed progressed.

And now, when there are many of us who are aware of what is happening with our planet and that we are the ones who are causing it, it seems that the slogan that is trying to impose is that it is not worth doing anything, because it is already too late.

Natural habitats in most of the world continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate, both in extent and in integrity. Forests, rivers, mountains, seas and practically all ecosystems are being degraded. A plastic tsunami drowns the oceans. And in agricultural systems, monocultures and their agro-toxic drugs continue to decrease biological diversity.

Human activity constitutes the greatest factor of danger for the environment. The ecological footprint of humanity has for many years exceeded the biological capacity of the Earth to absorb it.

The purpose of World Environment Day is to focus world attention on the importance of the environment and to stimulate policy action accordingly. The event tries to show that there are many of us who have acquired an environmental conscience. And extend that awareness to each of the inhabitants of the planet. It is one more day, to actively participate for our rights and those of nature. It is an important day to show that preserving the environment is a vital need and that is why it should be a political, economic and all-round priority of our society.

Fortunately today almost all cities echo World Environment Day, so we have more opportunities to make it visible. Each of us must join in and participate in local events and thus, the day when humanity respects the Earth again, will be closer.

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