Bamboo bicycles so that children do not leave school

Bamboo bicycles so that children do not leave school

Bernice Dapaah is an African woman with social and environmental concerns and is the founder of a company that donates bamboo bicycles so that children can go to school.

In many parts of Africa, basic needs such as shelter, shelter, food and education are not met. Social struggles for equality and a healthy environment summon some people to transform that reality.

That is the case of Berenice, who is committed to a more just and sustainable world. As soon as he finished his studies at the university, he created a business, Ghana Bamboo Bikes that manufactures bamboo bicycles, not only to generate income but to support theeconomy resource poor.

This sustainable project exploits local resources and delivers bicycles to low-income children and young people so that they have a means of transportation and thus prevent them from abandoning theschool.

The sustainability of the project

For each piece of bamboo used in the manufacture of bicycles, another ten are planted to conserve the resource. The advantage is that bamboo grows very fast and the benefits return soon.

All the materials used to build these bikes are easy to repair and replace, very inexpensive and easily accessible for low budgets.

The company

The company has been in the market for 6 years and has become a great example of social enterprise, the project workers and the young people who receive the benefits have greatly improved their quality of life.

It has made a commitment to help achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals and reduce the emissions profile of the transportation sector. Through their ambitious cycling programs, they are helping to reverse 57% of the CO2 emissions that will be generated in the transport sector between 2005 and 2030.

Two of its flagship projects aim to promote a greater cycling culture and strengthen the role of the bicycle industry in climate action:

  • Bamboo bike rental in city centers and resorts to promote wellness.
  • Free distribution of bamboo bikes to the remotest corners of Ghana through our partnership with the US-based African Bicycle Contribution Foundation.

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