They build 600 green bridges for animals to cross the motorways of Holland safely

They build 600 green bridges for animals to cross the motorways of Holland safely

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Every year millions of animals are killed by being run over on roads and highways when they try to cross them to move in search of food and water. It is also risky for humans trying to avoid them.

It must be a very difficult task for an animal to cross a highway. From their perspective they see gigantic metal machines approaching them at full speed, a wrong step can mean a painful death.

Deaths internationally

It is estimated that one million animals are run over every day in the United States alone.

Some countries have realized the seriousness of the situation, and devised ingenious solutions so that animals can cross roads and highways safely.

One of these countries is the Netherlands, committed to the protection of its flora and fauna and is already beginning to design green bridges that allow animals to pass over highways or large railway lines.

This country has more than 600 tunnels for the safe passage of animals. In addition, these green bridges are full of vegetation and that allows that the habitat near the road is not interrupted.

As they are green bridges, the animals follow the vegetation as a guide, which prevents them from crossing the roads and exposing themselves to being run over or causing an accident.

Other initiatives

The makers of the following builds earn nothing for building them. They are motivated solely by a desire to make the lives of millions of animals much easier and less dangerous.

Ecoduct in Banff National Park in Canada

Ecoduct in Singapore

Crossing for animals in New Jersey, USA

Animal Bridge over Lake Keechelus

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