Fewer plastic bags and more traditional baskets

Fewer plastic bags and more traditional baskets

"More fiber, less plastic" is the name of the campaign promoted by the Government of Boyacá that has already distributed 3,270 baskets to the people of Tunisia who exchanged their plastic waste in a day of barter.

The campaign was carried out as an activity for the International Recycling Day and had the objective of contributing to the environment and making people aware of how important it is to recycle.

The idea started in the Las Nieves square, in Tunja, last year, which woke up 3,270 fiber baskets woven by artisans from Boyacá and a line of people to claim them on recycling day.

Given the positive results of the project, now in 2019, the government seeks to continue strengthening environmental education in the different municipalities of the department.

In 2019 it continues to generate awareness

Last January, in the municipality of Soracá, on the National Day of Environmental Education, this strategy was received, which aims to exchange plastic material for chin baskets made by artisans from Boyacá.

“I think this campaign by the Government of Boyacá is spectacular, because it creates awareness in our homes; I find this exchange interesting because we can exchange things that we no longer use for a basket that will serve us to load the store or plaza market, thus we help the environment and also benefit, ”said Héctor Ayala, one of the participants in the environmental day.

One year with good results

Last year, “More fiber less plastic” meant that in addition to reducing the consumption of items made from plastic, the use of the chin basket was again, retaking a practice of cultural and social tradition in Boyacá. This strategy delivered about 12,300 baskets and collected approximately 40 tons of waste. Its impact was positive on the environment since the use of more than 590 thousand plastic bags was avoided.

The baskets of chin, a world heritage site

Basket weaving from fibers of vegetable origin was one of the oldest arts of humanity, it was practiced to make baskets of different designs; The material in which these baskets were made, made by artisans from Valle de Tenza and Sutatenza, was Chin. This initiative supports the artisan sector of the department, in this way the work of artisans is valued and made visible, ensuring an income with its sale and marketing.

3 campaigns in the country to reduce the use of plastic

1. Colombia, # MejorSinPlasticas

Greenpeace demanded that the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development comply with the National Policy for Solid Waste Management and eliminate single-use plastics. The NGO believes that plastic is one of the most serious environmental problems. You can help by entering the portal and signing the letter. 564 people have already done so.

2. Skinny for what?

AccorHotels began the global process of eliminating plastic straws at all its locations in Latin America. The drinks are served without a straw, if needed, they are replaced with one made of bamboo or paper. This initiative aims to raise awareness among guests about the consequences of using a cigarette and thus spreading this sustainable habit.

3. OQ by Claudia B

This is an alliance between OQ Shoes, Claudia Bahamón and the EcoPazífico Foundation. Bahamón felt the need to contribute to the environment and sought out OQ Shoes for the design of products made with recyclable material. The sale of shoes and bags benefits the EcoPazífico Foundation, whose purpose is to contribute to the well-being of the planet.

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