Construction of an Eco Dome with super adobe by Nader Khalili

Construction of an Eco Dome with super adobe by Nader Khalili

How to build an ecological super adobe house step by step

The fact of being super adobe already means that it is a fairly responsible way of building, however, to start the project and that it is also a truly ecological construction we must take into account some essential keys. These are the requirements:

  • You need a piece of land where you can build.
  • The land where you are going to build must be excavated.
  • Use cloth bags filled with sand to use as bricks.
  • Tie the cloth bags to fix them between them, taking advantage of the force of gravity for the essential joints.
  • Take into account the entrance of light, windows and door.
  • Take good care of the closing angle technique for the roof covering since a perfect dome must be left to be safe.
  • Cover the entire structure with a mixture of sand and water that generates a dense mud that when drying should have a finish similar to cement.
  • Once dried, all that remains is to polish it to give it the final touch before decorating.

Advantages of the superadobe:

* Thermal properties

The earth has the ability to absorb heat to release it in a cold environment in the same way that it helps to conserve heat.

* Acoustic insulation properties

earthen walls function as a barrier against unwanted noise.

* Structural properties

* Reduced construction costs

By using earth as a base material for construction and polypropylene sacks, building a home with superadobe is very economical.

* Low energy use

The use of energy is not required for construction. Which implies significant energy savings.

* Use of local materials

* Zero waste

Finally, I leave you this video documentary about the work of Nader Khalili. Something that caught my attention is that Khalili was very influenced and was inspired by the poetry of the Persian writer and philosopher Rumi, who wrote:

"The earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise."

Free complete bioconstruction manual [pdf]

If you are already determined to do it, we leave you this link to download a book in pdf with all the information about bioconstruction.

Video: Ecodome Ecuador 2012-12 2d (June 2021).