DiCaprio announced a millionaire donation to protect the planet and prevent the hunting of animals

DiCaprio announced a millionaire donation to protect the planet and prevent the hunting of animals

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One of the great actors of Hollywood will donate through the foundation that bears his name, 15.6 million dollars to finance environmental protection and conservation programs that aim to combat climate change.

"Today we are significantly increasing the level of our grants and our collaborations with strategic partners to solve some of the most pressing climate problems," said Leonardo DiCaprio who chairs the foundation that was conceived for the first time with the idea of ​​being able to protect the last wild places in the world and save vulnerable wildlife from extinction.

The established actor maintains that “climate change is a reality and is happening at this very moment. It is the greatest danger that threatens humanity ”. And he adds as a message to everyone: "Let's not stop valuing this planet, just as I do not stop valuing tonight."

Since 1998 and to date, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) has funded more than 200 projects in 50 countries and five oceans, supporting 132 organizations. With donations amounting to the sum of 59 million dollars invested in environmental protection and conservation.

According to the site, with DiCaprio's investment, species such as giraffes that are at risk of joining the endangered species list could be protected and thereby prevent poaching from killing them.

DiCaprio is also waging other struggles to preserve the planet: opposing Indonesia's palm oil industries, the Dakota Access pipeline aimed at destroying indigenous peoples' lands, recently pledged to try to prevent the extinction of the vaquita ( Odontocete cetacean of the Upper Gulf of California) in critical danger, of which less than 30 specimens remain and has also joined the fight against plastic pollution.

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