May 21, Global Day #AntiChevron, is coming up

May 21, Global Day #AntiChevron, is coming up

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The Chevron case in the Ecuadorian Amazon is paradigmatic in the fight against corporate impunity. It is also linked to the fight against the ISDS arbitration system, and in favor of the UN Binding Treaty for Transnational Companies on human rights, as well as for Climate Justice.

From the Global Campaign to vindicate the sovereignty of the Peoples, dismantle Corporate Power and put an end to impunity, in alliance with members of the European Campaign "Rights for Peoples, rules for transnationals - Stop-ISDS", and other networks At the international level, in close coordination with the Union of People Affected by Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador (UDAPT), we prepared several actions for that day.

How can they support?

From now on: Support the mobilization of affected communities in Ecuador:

Until May 19. Sign and promote the collection of signatures from organizations, groups and networks to this Letter to the Government of Ecuador (not individual signatures) (available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, French): https: //surveys.tni .org / index.php / 281594

May 21:

• Print the letter with all the signatures that will be published here: and deliver it to the nearest Ecuadorian embassy / consulate, taking a photo and spreading it through the networks with#AntiChevron

• Carry out any other peaceful solidarity action against companies or banks linked to the transnational corporation. Check the list here:

• Support social media actions using #AntiChevron

Source: Dismantle Corporate Power

Video: #AntiChevron Quito ECUADOR (May 2022).